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Cracked TES 48 SSB Interview AIR-112 In 3rd Attempt To Join Indian Army

Since my childhood, I had a passion to join the armed forces, whenever I used to see an army-related movie or hear some news it would feel me with a new type of Josh.

Myself Aditya Sharma, hail from Dehradun and studied at ST.THOMAS’ College Dehradun, my father is a constable in Uttarakhand police for my success I would like to thank my parent’s guidance and my school. Specials thanks to my all youtube teachers.

Since my childhood I had the passion to join the armed forces, whenever I used to see a army-related movie or hear some news it would feel me with a new type of Josh. My journey to defense started with class 11 when I had to choose my subjects back of the mind I had defence in my mind but simultaneously I also started preparing for jee examination.

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I worked hard and cleared my NDA -149 written examination and also scored 94% in my 12 boards . After my boards examination the text target was of ssb , daily I use read newspaper and used to seek online guidance from your you-tube channel . I worked hard but  was conference out from 5 AFSB guwahati , though it gave me a good understanding of qualities asked in interviews but that was not enough . I was at the guwahati airport heading back towards dehradun  suddenly I came through online article regarding navy Tech  entry, I do not got dejected from my first failure . Instead I started working for my second ssb , worked hard practised a lot of lecturettes and current affairs  . On October 4, I reported at Bhopal for my navy entry astonished to see a massive crowd of 326 students from which only 27 were screen in , I was only screen in from group of 15 , during the progress I worked hard but luck didn’t favoured me . On 8 October  I was conference out but I know I had to work hard for recommendation. 

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Had a week for my TES reporting on 15 October, in a week I gained some knowledge of army organization and self introspected myself, also referred to many recommended candidates interview which gave a new Josh . I was back in bhopal on 15 in which 168 reported and 32 was screen in , during mu process I avoided doing that previous ssb mistakes during physiology I just related the picture to my own life put myself into the situation , acted according and wrote simple stories , I had a good experience of WAT  as I had included practise sets of wat in my daily routine, my psychology went mind blowing.

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Aditya Sharma Interview 1

Now it was GTO’s time and I was ready for it performed well in group discussion gave valuable contribution to the discussion, participated actively in GPE and narrated the group’s plan . In my pgt things got worse as every one was shouting so I just kept calm and kept quiet in PGT . But in my HGT I outpasses everyone’s performance  and performed well . In my GOR  I helped my group through to get through obstacles , even a situation came when I was about to fall down from 10 feet wall while pulling one of my teammate . In my individual obstacle I surpass my previous ssb , doing 9 individual obstacles , I was satisfy with my GTO -DAY 1 perform, on day 2 I was given lecturates topic of India and it’s neighbor, had enough knowledge of the topic I spoke with full confidence.  During my COMMAND TASK I was called at last and was given the most different obstacle and helping material , I used my all sense and when gto was slowly increasing the level of difficulty I was getting an indication of my selection. 

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In my interview I was screwed very hard  the interviewer was only satisfied when I was loosing during conversation, I don’t gave up and answered all my questions with full confidence with a smile on my face . Even the interviewer once said I would not recommended you to build up the pressure , I just smiled back and said my answers with full confidence.  While coming from the interviewer room he even said to be better try next time. I just smiled back and said thank u to him.

With this my ssb came to end and during my conference answered some tricky questions and had confidence that I was making it through this time .

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When the colonel sir came in to declare the result  my heart rate was going up and down and when my chest no. Was called my eyes were full of tears . While shaking hands with major general my eyes were full of tears. As it is a popular saying “it all  goes well if it ends well “ with this my journey as a candidate ended and my new journey as gentleman cadets is going to begin soon .

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