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100 Positive Word Association Test (WAT) Examples

It's important for candidates to provide spontaneous and genuine responses during the Word Association Test.

In the context of an SSB (Services Selection Board) interview, the Word Association Test (WAT) is a psychological test that assesses the candidate’s spontaneous thought processes and psychological traits. It is one of the series of tests conducted during the psychological assessment of candidates applying for officer-level positions in the Indian Armed Forces.

In the Word Association Test, candidates are presented with a series of words, one after another, for around 15 seconds each. Candidates are required to write down the first thought or word that comes to their mind in response to each word. The Word Association Test aims to elicit immediate and spontaneous responses, providing insights into the candidate’s personality, thought patterns, and psychological characteristics.

Word Association Test

100 Positive Word Association Test Examples

The words presented in the test can vary widely, covering a range of themes such as emotions, situations, objects, or abstract concepts. The Word Association Test evaluates the candidate’s ability to think quickly, their verbal expression, and the association of their responses with the stimulus words. The aim of Word Association Test is to assess the candidate’s psychological traits like leadership qualities, attitude, initiative, determination, communication skills, and compatibility with military life.

Word Association Test Examples

  1. Love
  2. Joy
  3. Happiness
  4. Hope
  5. Gratitude
  6. Success
  7. Kindness
  8. Generosity
  9. Peace
  10. Smiling
  11. Laughter
  12. Blessing
  13. Bliss
  14. Thriving
  15. Excitement
  16. Serenity
  17. Harmony
  18. Abundance
  19. Trust
  20. Faith
  21. Courage
  22. Confidence
  23. Empathy
  24. Forgiveness
  25. Optimism
  26. Inspiration
  27. Motivation
  28. Energy
  29. Radiant
  30. Enthusiasm
  31. Appreciation
  32. Thankful
  33. Compassion
  34. Respect
  35. Integrity
  36. Honesty
  37. Authentic
  38. Gracious
  39. Brave
  40. Refreshed
  41. Contentment
  42. Goodness
  43. Patience
  44. Open-minded
  45. Empowered
  46. Blessed
  47. Humility
  48. Acceptance
  49. Supportive
  50. Euphoria
  51. Ecstatic
  52. Jubilant
  53. Glowing
  54. Satisfied
  55. Tranquil
  56. Radiant
  57. Uplifted
  58. Zealous
  59. Delighted
  60. Spirited
  61. Cheerful
  62. Lively
  63. Vibrant
  64. Strong
  65. Motivated
  66. Empowered
  67. Committed
  68. Worthy
  69. Accomplished
  70. Caring
  71. Reliable
  72. Resourceful
  73. Respectful
  74. Creative
  75. Imaginative
  76. Passionate
  77. Playful
  78. Tenacious
  79. Grateful
  80. Serene
  81. Blissful
  82. Generous
  83. Enchanting
  84. Harmonious
  85. Glorious
  86. Triumphant
  87. Victorious
  88. Celebrated
  89. Adventurous
  90. Bold
  91. Wise
  92. Authentic
  93. Loving
  94. Steadfast
  95. Sparkling
  96. Flourishing
  97. Fulfilled
  98. Radiating
  99. Free
  100. Wonderful

100 Positive Word Association Test Answers

LoveLove is what brings people together, it’s the deep connection and affection that makes life meaningful.
JoyJoy is that incredible feeling of happiness that fills your heart and makes you smile uncontrollably.
HappinessHappiness is the state of contentment and inner peace, where everything feels right in the world.
HopeHope is the flickering light that keeps us going even in the darkest of times, it’s the belief that things will get better.
GratitudeGratitude is the overwhelming sense of appreciation and thankfulness for the blessings and kindnesses we receive.
SuccessSuccess is the fulfillment of our goals and dreams, it’s the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in our achievements.
KindnessKindness is the simple act of showing compassion, empathy, and generosity towards others, making the world a better place.
GenerosityGenerosity is the selfless giving of one’s time, resources, and support to uplift and help those in need.
PeacePeace is the serenity and harmony that exists when there is no conflict or turmoil, it’s the calmness of mind and spirit.
SmilingSmiling is the universal language of happiness, it’s the contagious expression that brightens up any room.
LaughterLaughter is the joyous sound that escapes when something tickles our funny bone, it’s the purest form of merriment.
BlessingA blessing is a gift or favor bestowed upon us, something that brings happiness, grace, and divine favor into our lives.
BlissBliss is the state of complete and utter happiness and contentment, where everything feels perfect and in harmony.
ThrivingThriving is the state of flourishing and prospering, it’s living life to the fullest and embracing growth and abundance.
ExcitementExcitement is the thrill and anticipation that bubbles within us, it’s the feeling of energy and enthusiasm for something new.
SerenitySerenity is the tranquility and peace that calms our minds and soothes our souls, creating a sense of inner stillness.
HarmonyHarmony is the beautiful synchronization of different elements, creating a peaceful and balanced coexistence.
AbundanceAbundance is the plentifulness and richness in all aspects of life, it’s having more than enough to thrive and share.
TrustTrust is the foundation of strong relationships, it’s the reliance and confidence in the integrity and reliability of others.
FaithFaith is the unwavering belief and trust in something greater than ourselves, providing hope and guidance in challenging times.
CourageCourage is the strength and bravery to face fears and overcome obstacles, it’s taking bold actions despite uncertainty.
ConfidenceConfidence is the self-assurance and belief in one’s abilities, it’s the inner conviction that allows us to pursue our dreams.
EmpathyEmpathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, it’s the compassion that connects us on a deeper level.
ForgivenessForgiveness is the act of letting go of resentments and grudges, it’s choosing to release negative emotions and find peace.
OptimismOptimism is the positive outlook and belief that good things will happen, it’s seeing the silver lining in every situation.
InspirationInspiration is the spark that ignites our creativity and motivation, it’s the catalyst that drives us to achieve greatness.
MotivationMotivation is the inner drive and determination to pursue our goals, it’s the fuel that propels us forward in life.
EnergyEnergy is the vitality and enthusiasm that fuels our actions, it’s the force that keeps us vibrant and active.
RadiantRadiant is the glowing presence that emanates warmth, positivity, and inner beauty.
EnthusiasmEnthusiasm is the infectious excitement and passion for something, it’s the energy that propels us to take action.
AppreciationAppreciation is the recognition and gratitude for the value and significance of someone or something in our lives.
ThankfulThankful is the feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the blessings and positive experiences we have.
CompassionCompassion is the deep empathy and caring for the suffering of others, it’s the desire to alleviate their pain and offer support.
RespectRespect is the admiration and regard for oneself and others, it’s treating everyone with dignity, fairness, and honor.
IntegrityIntegrity is the moral and ethical uprightness, it’s the adherence to principles and doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
HonestyHonesty is the quality of being truthful, sincere, and transparent, it’s the foundation of trust and authenticity.
AuthenticAuthentic is being true to oneself, genuine, and real, it’s embracing and expressing our unique identity.
GraciousGracious is displaying kindness, elegance, and courtesy, it’s treating others with warmth, respect, and gratitude.
BraveBrave is the strength and fearlessness to face challenges and stand up for what is right, it’s having the courage to step outside of our comfort zones.
RefreshedRefreshed is the revitalized and rejuvenated feeling after rest or a positive experience, it’s a renewed sense of energy.
ContentmentContentment is the state of peaceful satisfaction and acceptance of what we have, it’s finding joy in the present moment.
GoodnessGoodness is the quality of being kind, compassionate, and morally upright, it’s striving to do good and make a positive impact.
PatiencePatience is the ability to remain calm and composed in the face of delay or adversity, it’s waiting with understanding and tolerance.
Open-mindedOpen-minded is being receptive to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences, it’s embracing diversity and embracing change.
EmpoweredEmpowered is feeling strong, capable, and confident in one’s abilities and choices, it’s recognizing one’s own worth and potential.
BlessedBlessed is the feeling of being favored, protected, and fortunate, it’s acknowledging the abundance of positive things in life.
HumilityHumility is the quality of being modest and having a humble attitude, it’s recognizing our own limitations and valuing others.
AcceptanceAcceptance is embracing and embracing people, situations, and circumstances as they are, it’s letting go of judgment and finding peace.
SupportiveSupportive is being there for others, providing encouragement, help, and understanding, it’s offering a helping hand in times of need.
EuphoriaEuphoria is the intense feeling of happiness, elation, and exhilaration, it’s the overwhelming joy that takes over our senses.
EcstaticEcstatic is the overwhelming emotion of extreme joy, excitement, and delight, it’s the feeling of pure bliss and exuberance.
JubilantJubilant is the feeling of triumphant joy and celebration, it’s the exhilaration and enthusiasm that comes from achieving success.
GlowingGlowing is radiating with happiness, health, and inner beauty, it’s the visible expression of joy and contentment.
SatisfiedSatisfied is the feeling of contentment and fulfillment, it’s being pleased and gratified with the outcomes and experiences.
TranquilTranquil is the state of calmness and serenity, it’s the peacefulness and quietude that soothes the mind and body.
RadiantRadiant is the glowing presence that emanates warmth, positivity, and inner beauty.
UpliftedUplifted is feeling inspired, encouraged, and elevated, it’s the positive influence that lifts our spirits and motivates us.
ZealousZealous is the enthusiastic and passionate dedication towards a cause or goal, it’s the fervor and intensity that drives us forward.
DelightedDelighted is the feeling of great pleasure and joy, it’s the happiness that arises from something enjoyable or satisfying.
SpiritedSpirited is being lively, energetic, and full of enthusiasm, it’s the vivacity and zest that brings vibrancy to life.
CheerfulCheerful is radiating happiness and optimism, it’s the bright and uplifting demeanor that spreads positivity to others.
LivelyLively is full of energy, excitement, and liveliness, it’s the spirited and animated presence that adds dynamism to any situation.
VibrantVibrant is full of life, energy, and vitality, it’s the vivid and dynamic essence that captivates and inspires.
StrongStrong is having physical, mental, and emotional fortitude, it’s the resilience and inner power that enables us to overcome challenges.
MotivatedMotivated is feeling driven and determined to achieve goals, it’s the inner fire that propels us forward with passion and purpose.
EmpoweredEmpowered is feeling empowered and confident in one’s abilities and choices, it’s the belief in oneself to make a difference.
CommittedCommitted is dedicated and devoted to a cause, goal, or relationship, it’s the unwavering loyalty and determination to see things through.
WorthyWorthy is recognizing one’s inherent value and self-worth, it’s understanding that we deserve happiness, love, and success.
AccomplishedAccomplished is the feeling of pride and satisfaction in completing a task or achieving a goal, it’s the sense of fulfillment and achievement.
CaringCaring is showing compassion, concern, and support for the well-being of others, it’s the act of nurturing and showing kindness.
ReliableReliable is being dependable and trustworthy, it’s the consistency and faith that others can have in one’s words and actions.
ResourcefulResourceful is being creative, adaptable, and able to find solutions to challenges, it’s the ability to make the most of available resources.
RespectfulRespectful is the admiration and regard for oneself and others, it’s treating everyone with dignity, fairness, and honor.
CreativeCreative is expressing originality and imagination, it’s the ability to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas.
ImaginativeImaginative is having a rich and vivid imagination, it’s the ability to dream, envision, and create new possibilities.
PassionatePassionate is having intense enthusiasm, zeal, and fervor for something, it’s the deep emotional connection and dedication.
PlayfulPlayful is embracing a sense of fun, lightheartedness, and joy, it’s engaging in activities with a spirit of enjoyment and amusement.
TenaciousTenacious is having strong determination and persistence, it’s the refusal to give up or be discouraged in the face of obstacles.
GratefulGrateful is feeling deeply appreciative and thankful for the blessings, kindness, and opportunities in one’s life.
SereneSerene is experiencing a profound state of calmness and tranquility, it’s the peacefulness and harmony that radiates from within.
BlissfulBlissful is the state of utter happiness and contentment, where everything feels perfect and in harmony.
GenerousGenerous is showing a willingness to give and share, it’s the act of kindness and selflessness towards others.
EnchantingEnchanting is captivating and charming, it’s the magical and delightful quality that fascinates and allures.
HarmoniousHarmonious is the state of balance, agreement, and peaceful coexistence, it’s the synergy and unity that brings about a sense of serenity.
GloriousGlorious is magnificent and awe-inspiring, it’s the resplendent and splendid quality that evokes admiration and wonder.
TriumphantTriumphant is the feeling of victory and achievement, it’s the exultant and triumphant joy that comes from overcoming challenges.
VictoriousVictorious is the feeling of success and winning, it’s the triumphant and elated emotion that arises from accomplishing goals.
CelebratedCelebrated is being recognized, honored, and appreciated, it’s the joy and pride that comes from being acknowledged and praised.
AdventurousAdventurous is embracing excitement, exploration, and new experiences, it’s the spirit of seeking thrill and discovery.
BoldBold is being courageous, daring, and fearless, it’s the willingness to take risks and step out of one’s comfort zone.
WiseWise is having deep understanding, knowledge, and good judgment, it’s the ability to make thoughtful and informed decisions.
AuthenticAuthentic is being genuine, true to oneself, and unapologetically real, it’s embracing and expressing one’s unique identity.
LovingLoving is showing affection, care, and tenderness towards others, it’s the warmth and compassion that connects hearts.
SteadfastSteadfast is being resolute, unwavering, and committed, it’s the strength and determination to stay firm in one’s beliefs and values.
SparklingSparkling is shining, vibrant, and full of life, it’s the effervescent and dazzling quality that brings joy and delight.
FlourishingFlourishing is thriving and growing, it’s the state of prosperity and well-being in various aspects of life.
FulfilledFulfilled is the sense of deep satisfaction and contentment, it’s the feeling of completeness and wholeness.
RadiatingRadiating is emanating and spreading light, positivity, and energy, it’s the captivating and uplifting aura that inspires others.
FreeFree is experiencing liberation, independence, and unrestricted expression, it’s the sense of liberation and empowerment.
WonderfulWonderful is something that fills us with wonder and amazement, it’s the feeling of delight and awe-inspiring beauty.

The responses given by the candidates in the Word Association Test are evaluated by psychologists or assessors, who look for specific traits and patterns in the associations. The test helps in assessing the candidate’s level of confidence, social adaptability, problem-solving approach, and overall suitability for a career in the armed forces.

It’s important for candidates to provide spontaneous and genuine responses during the Word Association Test, as it is designed to evaluate their natural thought process rather than rehearsed or predetermined answers. Being authentic and true to oneself is crucial in demonstrating the desired qualities and attributes sought by the SSB during the assessment.

ssb psychological tests practice book

Tips for Word Association Test (WAT) in SSB Interview

Here are some tips to perform well in the Word Association Test (WAT) during an SSB (Services Selection Board) interview:

  1. Be spontaneous: The key to WAT is providing immediate and spontaneous responses. Avoid overthinking or trying to come up with the “perfect” answer. Trust your instincts and write down the first word or thought that comes to your mind.
  2. Stay positive: Focus on positive associations and avoid negative or inappropriate responses. Project a positive attitude and mindset through your word associations.
  3. Be concise: Keep your responses brief and to the point. Write down single words or short phrases that capture your immediate thoughts. Avoid long explanations or stories.
  4. Maintain relevance: Try to maintain a logical or relevant connection between the stimulus word and your response. This doesn’t mean you have to provide a direct synonym, but there should be some underlying association or connection between the two.
  5. Practice speed and accuracy: To improve your speed and accuracy in WAT, practice with a wide range of words. Set a time limit for each word and challenge yourself to respond within that time frame. This will help you develop quick thinking and decision-making skills.
  6. Expand your vocabulary: Enhance your vocabulary by reading books, newspapers, and articles. This will provide you with a broader range of words and associations to draw from during the test.
  7. Be true to yourself: Maintain authenticity in your responses. Don’t try to guess what the assessors might want to hear. Instead, express your genuine thoughts and associations.
  8. Avoid repeating responses: Try to provide unique responses for each word. Avoid using the same or similar words repeatedly. This demonstrates creativity and a wider range of associations.
  9. Stay calm and composed: WAT can be a rapid-fire test, but it’s essential to remain calm and composed throughout. Stay focused and don’t let the pressure or time constraints overwhelm you.
  10. Practice beforehand: Familiarize yourself with the WAT format by practicing with sample words or previous years’ SSB interview question papers. This will help you become more comfortable with the test structure and improve your response time.

Remember, the Word Association Test is just one component of the overall assessment process. It’s important to showcase your true personality, positive attitude, and leadership qualities consistently across all aspects of the interview. Good luck!

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