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GuestSSB Interview ExperienceCleared SSB Interview from 33 SSB Bhopal for 10+2 BTech Naval Entry

Cleared SSB Interview from 33 SSB Bhopal for 10+2 BTech Naval Entry

I prepared how to deliver lecturette with my mother at home who would listen to my lecture and correct me whenever I go wrong. She would take out topics from SSBCRACK website and would ask me to go through them.

Success is not final, Failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.  

Greetings to all the readers. Who am I? I am Akkireddy Sai Vedansh and I am enraptured to share with you that I have cleared my SSB Interview from 33 SSB Bhopal for 10+2 B Tech Naval Entry.

I come from a Defence Background with my father serving as a colonel in the Army. This has given me the opportunity to observe the army life very closely and also had inspired me to join the armed forces.

Today I will share some of my SSB experiences and also give you a brief about the 5 day procedure.

It all started with me reporting in the early morning at the SSB gate in Bhopal. A total of 175 reported for the same. After reporting was done our document check started which took nearly 2 hours after which we were told to have our breakfast in the candidate’s mess and report in the ground for our Screening test. We were taken to the testing hall where we immediately began with our OIR Testing. The test had two different OIR sets and was given sufficient time to attempt it, I was able to complete most of it.

The trick here is to attempt maximum number of questions (all if possible) because there is no negative marking.

After this we had our PP&DT test which is where you are shown a picture for 30 seconds and given 30 seconds to fill the details in a given box after which you have to write a story based on your perception of the picture for next 4 minutes.

I was able to complete my story and as soon as they took our answer sheets from us, I started reciting the story in my mind again and again so that in the group discussion I was confident on narrating my story and stayed original to the story I wrote with making some fine adjustments to add to the quality of the story.

During the individual narration I was stopped by the assessor in the midst of my story, at that moment I thought that I was too slow on my narration and have earned a negative point but continued on with group discussion with a fresh mind.

After the test we were sent to have our lunch in the mess. Everyone was having their fill of the 33 SSB lunch knowing that this could be their last meal here.

We were told to assemble in a shed after our lunch and so we did. The results were announced and I was screened in!

Total 34 candidates were screened in on the first day. We were then briefed about the further testing and facilities which will be provided to us during the stay. All the 34 candidates congratulated each other and settled in their assigned rooms taking their time in the process which took till evening.

The next day started early with everyone getting ready for the psychological testing. The test series went smooth thanks to the practice I had done through the SSBCRACK’S PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS WORKBOOK which I practiced every day and got it checked by my father (Colonel in ARMY) so as to achieve speed in writing and also able to think on spot due to which I was able to complete all the TATs, 50+ WATs, 41 SRTs and complete SD.

Day 3 marked the beginning of the GTO series of testing. We were all divided into 4 different groups and all of our GTO tasks were conducted simultaneously under different assessors. The tests schedule for the day had Group discussion, Group Planning Exercise, PGT, Snake Race, HGT and Lecturette. I was able to communicate my thoughts well in the group discussion and participated till the end providing points whenever I felt it was required. The GPE was quite interesting where we all had unique answers which we discussed and nearly came to a consensus. In the PGT, I was not among the ones ahead with all the helping material but was contributing with ideas of how to tackle the obstacles which worked most of the time. Then came the Snake Race. We were all fired up for it and with a highly competitive spirit completed all the obstacles before the other groups.

But it is well known that what happens next, our GTO sir told us, “In order to keep others morale high I am giving your group a penalty”, but we took it as a challenge and completed the penalty still leading and ultimately secured the first place. The race ended with us all refreshed in a way and ready for the new task. The HGT was a challenging one which took time but we dealt with it confidently, not losing hopes. In the lecturette I spoke in an organized manner with confidence on my topic. This was possible because I prepared how to deliver lecturette with my mother at home who would listen to my lecture and correct me whenever I go wrong. She would take out topics from SSBCRACK website and would ask me to go through them.

My interview was also scheduled for this day and so I brushed up my current affairs a day prior by visiting the cyber-café facility provided to us. The interview went smooth and the Interviewing officer tried to confuse me on some topics but I maintained my calm and gave answers which I knew and to the difficult questions, I honestly accepted that I didn’t know the answers and that I will find them, all the while not losing confidence and maintaining a mild smile.

Day 2 of our GTO testing included Individual Obstacles, Command Task and FGT. I was able to complete 8 obstacles when the whistle blew. In my command task I tackled it calmly and was able to complete it on time. The FGT was our last stage of SSB and therefore I gave my best to work in the group and contribute whatever I can.

After we were finished with our testing, we had some time on our hands to explore Bhopal and also increase our knowledge on topics we were unable to discuss / answer in our interviews.

The day of conference had come and everyone had butterflies in their stomachs. One by one we entered the conference room and came out with different expressions, some funny while some serious. After the conference while waiting for the results, we started exchanging each other’s contact details believing that whatever happens today we will be in contact and meet again in our next SSB. Finally, the results were announced and 5 candidates were recommended, I was among them.

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At this moment I was on cloud nine and without delay informed my family of the news who had a major hand in my performance. With this the SSB ended on a positive note and with many memorable memories.

As rightly said that A Mind bent by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions, My SSB experience has been a learning and rewarding experience. I learnt from my previous SSB and improved myself based on self-analysis particularly for the psychological testing part. The Zeal and the fire to get into armed forces drove me this far and whatever I have learnt throughout the journey, I will apply it and strive to go ahead.

 Thank you !

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.

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