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NewsAll About Indigenous Ugram Assault Rifle by DRDO

All About Indigenous Ugram Assault Rifle by DRDO

The Ugram assault rifle stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts between the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and a private industry partner.

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has recently unveiled the ‘Ugramassault rifle, a cutting-edge weapon designed to meet the operational needs of the Indian armed forces, paramilitary units, and state police. This state-of-the-art rifle, developed in collaboration with a private industry partner, showcases the prowess of indigenous design, development, and manufacturing efforts.

Ugram Assault Rifle

With its impressive specifications and innovative features, the Ugram assault rifle is set to empower India’s defence forces. In this article, we will delve into the details of this remarkable firearm, exploring its features, development process, and significance in strengthening national security.

A Collaborative Endeavor in Indigenous Weaponry

The Ugram assault rifle stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts between the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and a private industry partner. Developed at the Armament Research and Development Establishments (ARDE) in Pune, this rifle exemplifies the commitment of Indian scientists and engineers to enhance the nation’s defence capabilities. The partnership with Hyderabad-based Dvipa Armour India Private Limited has been instrumental in realizing the vision of an indigenous assault rifle that meets the stringent requirements of the armed forces.

Ugram Assault Rifle Specification

Unveiling the Ferocious Ugram

The Ugram assault rifle, aptly named ‘Ugram’ meaning ferocious, was unveiled by Dr. Shailendra V Gade, Director General of Armament and Combat Engineering Systems at the DRDO. This operational prototype showcases the culmination of extensive research, design, and manufacturing efforts. With a calibre of 7.62 x 51 mm, the Ugram assault rifle possesses an effective range of 500 meters, making it highly versatile for combat scenarios. Weighing less than four kilograms, this lightweight weapon ensures ease of handling, enabling swift and accurate engagement in the field.

Ugram Assault Rifle

Outstanding Features for Optimal Performance

The Ugram assault rifle boasts an array of features that contribute to its exceptional performance and reliability. The rifle is equipped with a 20-round magazine, enabling sustained firepower during critical operations. It offers both single and full auto firing modes, allowing soldiers to adapt to various combat situations effectively. The configuration of the Ugram assault rifle draws inspiration from the latest AK and AR-type rifles, incorporating a rivet-free design that enhances its sturdiness. These features collectively contribute to a weapon that aligns with international standards while meeting the specific requirements of the Indian armed forces.

Designing Ugram to Meet GSQRs

The Ugram assault rifle has been meticulously designed to meet the General Staff Qualitative Requirements (GSQRs) of the Indian Army. The ARDE scientists involved in the project have dedicated their expertise and efforts to ensure that the rifle aligns with the specific needs and demands of the armed forces. From the initial design phase to the final manufacturing process, every aspect of the Ugram assault rifle has been carefully crafted to adhere to the GSQRs. This attention to detail guarantees that the weapon is optimized for its intended purpose, providing a reliable tool for India’s defence personnel.

A Mission Mode Project for Timely Progress

The development of the Ugram assault rifle was undertaken as a mission mode project by the DRDO. This approach emphasizes a focused and time-bound development process to achieve specific goals and objectives. The ARDE began working on the design of the rifle two years ago, with the subsequent search for a private industry partner for development and manufacturing. The concept of Development cum Production Partner (DcPP) was adopted to expedite the project’s progress. This collaborative approach ensured that the vendor was involved throughout the design and production stages, facilitating a seamless and efficient development process.

Rigorous Testing for Unparalleled Performance

Before the Ugram assault rifle can be considered for induction into the armed forces, it must undergo a series of rigorous tests to evaluate its performance and reliability. The weapon will be subjected to internal trials conducted by the ARDE’s small arms testing facility. These trials will assess critical factors such as accuracy, consistency, and reliability in various weather and geographic conditions, including high-altitude and desert environments. Additionally, an expert committee will conduct acceptance trials to ensure that the Ugram assault rifle meets the stringent requirements set forth by the armed forces. Any non-compliances identified during the trials will be promptly addressed, ensuring that the weapon meets the highest standards of performance and quality.

A Swift Development Process

The development of the Ugram assault rifle is a remarkable achievement in terms of speed and efficiency. While the initial design and analysis phase spanned two years, the collaboration with the private vendor resulted in the completion of the development process within a remarkable 100 days. This expedited timeline is a testament to the dedication, expertise, and synergy between the DRDO and its industry partner. The swift development of the Ugram assault rifle showcases India’s capabilities in producing cutting-edge weaponry within short timeframes, strengthening the nation’s self-reliance in defence manufacturing.

Addressing the Shortfall in Assault Rifles

The development of the Ugram assault rifle comes at a crucial time when there is a significant shortfall of assault rifles in India. Geopolitical conflicts and global supply chain disruptions have posed challenges in procuring weaponry from foreign sources. The Ugram assault rifle presents a window of opportunity for the Indian defence industry to bridge this gap and meet the growing demands of the armed forces. With the ability to produce high-quality indigenous assault rifles, India can enhance its self-sufficiency in defence manufacturing and reduce its reliance on imports.

Empowering India’s Defence Forces

The Ugram assault rifle symbolizes the empowerment of India’s defence forces by providing them with a cutting-edge weapon designed to meet their specific operational requirements. Its indigenous development and manufacturing highlight India’s technological capabilities and commitment to self-reliance in defence production. By equipping the armed forces, paramilitary units, and state police with the Ugram assault rifle, India strengthens its national security and enhances its ability to respond to evolving threats effectively.

Contributing to ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ Initiative

The development of the Ugram assault rifle aligns with the Government of India’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India) initiative, which aims to promote indigenous manufacturing and reduce dependency on foreign imports. This indigenous weapon showcases the nation’s ability to design, develop, and manufacture cutting-edge defence technologies, fostering innovation and growth in the domestic defence industry. The Ugram assault rifle sets a precedent for future indigenous defence projects, encouraging collaboration between the DRDO and private industry partners to drive self-sufficiency and propel India towards becoming a global leader in defence manufacturing.


The Ugram assault rifle, developed in collaboration between the DRDO and a private industry partner, stands as a testament to India’s capabilities in indigenous defence manufacturing. With its impressive features, adherence to GSQRs, and rigorous testing process, the Ugram assault rifle is poised to empower India’s defence forces. This cutting-edge weapon represents a significant milestone in the nation’s journey towards self-reliance in defence production, contributing to the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative. As India strengthens its defence capabilities, the Ugram assault rifle serves as a symbol of innovation, resilience, and commitment to national security.

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