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Pay and Allowances of Gentleman Cadets at IMA, Dehradun

After 7th pay commission, direct Entry GCs will be given a stipend of Rs 56,100/- per month, during their entire training period at IMA.

The Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun is a prestigious institution that shapes future leaders of the Indian Army. Among the many aspirants aiming to join this esteemed academy are the Gentleman Cadets (GCs), who undergo rigorous training to serve their country.

A significant aspect of their journey at the IMA is the financial support they receive in the form of pay and allowances. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of the pay and allowances entitled to Gentleman Cadets at the IMA, Dehradun.

Pay Structure for Gentleman Cadets

The pay structure for Gentleman Cadets at the IMA is designed to support them financially during their training period. After the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, the stipend and allowances have been revised to offer better financial support to the cadets.

Direct Entry Cadets

For cadets entering through the Direct Entry scheme, the stipend is set at Rs 56,100 per month for the entire duration of their training at the IMA. This uniform stipend ensures that the cadets can focus on their training without financial worries.

Pay and Allowances of Gentleman Cadets

Service Cadets

Cadets who are already serving in the military and are selected to join the IMA continue to draw the pay of their respective ranks. They are advised to bring their pay books as per AO No. 309/64 and are entitled to draw one month’s advance pay from their previous units according to AO 543/63. This arrangement ensures that service cadets transition smoothly into their training period without any financial hiccups.

Technical and University Entry Scheme Cadets

Cadets entering through the Technical Entry Scheme (TES) and the University Entry Scheme (UES) are entitled to a provisional issue of pay and allowances of Rs 56,100 per month during their training period. This pay will later be adjusted by the CDA(O) Pune upon their commission as Lieutenants. It’s important to note that for all intents and purposes, these cadets are treated as Gentleman Cadets during their training.

For UES entry cadets, there is a specific stipend of Rs 21,000 for the last year of their engineering course, following which they will receive the pay and allowance of a Lieutenant, which is Rs 56,100 per month plus Dearness Allowance (DA), during their training period at the IMA.

Additional Charges

Apart from the stipend, Gentleman Cadets are required to pay for their messing, accommodation, and allied services. The current charge for these services is Rs 486 per month, although this amount is subject to change. Cadets also need to manage their personal expenses from the stipend provided.


The financial support system for Gentleman Cadets at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, is structured to ensure that cadets can dedicate themselves to their training without financial burdens. The stipend and allowances are designed to cover their basic needs and expenses, allowing them to focus on becoming future leaders of the Indian Army. With a clear understanding of their financial entitlements, cadets can embark on their journey at the IMA with confidence and determination.

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