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AMC Centre & College Celebrates 260 Years with First Female Commandant at the Helm

Lt. Gen. Sahai's leadership of the AMC Centre & College marks a significant chapter in the history of the Indian Army.

In a historic event, the AMC Centre & College in Lucknow marked the 260th anniversary of the Army Medical Corps with a solemn ceremony. This significant milestone was commemorated by none other than Lt Gen Kavita Sahai, the Commandant of the AMC Centre & College, who is renowned for being the first woman to hold this esteemed position. During the commemorative events, Lt Gen Sahai paid her respects by laying a wreath at the War Memorial, honoring the memory and sacrifice of the Army Medical Corps’ valiant personnel.

Lt Gen Kavita Sahai

The AMC Centre & College, situated in Lucknow, stands as a pillar of excellence within the Army Medical Corps. It is here that the next generation of medical officers and personnel are meticulously trained, ensuring they are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve. The center not only focuses on military training but also houses the AMC records, crucial for maintaining the corps’ historical and operational documentation.

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Lt. Gen. Sahai’s leadership of the AMC Centre & College marks a significant chapter in the history of the Indian Army. Joining the Army Medical Corps in 1986, her career has been illustrious, filled with achievements and commendations. With an impressive educational background that includes an MD and DNB in Pathology, a diploma in Oncology, and Health Professional Education, Lt. Gen. Sahai has also contributed significantly to medical research, authoring over a hundred research papers. Her dedication and service have been recognized with numerous awards, including the Sena Medal, Vishisht Seva Medal, and multiple Chief of Army Staff Commendations.

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The 260th anniversary of the Army Medical Corps serves as a reminder of the vital role the Corps plays in supporting the health and well-being of military personnel. Under the leadership of trailblazers like Lt. Gen. Kavita Sahai, the AMC Centre & College continues to excel in its mission, preparing medical professionals who are ready to serve and protect.

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