How To Pass Screening Test In SSB [PPDT]

SSB consist of 2 stages, first stage is called as screening test and second stage consist of 3 important test knows as Psychology test, Group Testing Officers (GTO) Test and personal interview.This post is regarding screening, yes screening seems very difficult for those who got screened out many times.Screening test is indeed a difficult test because of the competition level, screening test result is on the basis of your Intelligence tests [verbal & non verbal ] and PPDT [Picture Perception and Discussion test].

How To Pass Screening Test In SSB [PPDT]

Verbal and non verbal is not difficult to crack because its just to test your OIR [ Officer’s Intelligence Rate ], try to attempt all the questions because time is very limited if they say 15 mins for test take it as 10 mins and attempt most of the questions because no “negative” marking.

Now the most famous picture perception and discussion test, what you need to do is write a story according to the picture shown to you for 4 mins only and later you have to discuss about the picture and make a common story in group discussion.

ppdt sample picture
PPDT Sample Picture


What are the mistakes candidates do generally? Firstly you write a good story which has head and tail and match with the picture shown to you, for god sake don’t write Ram, Mohan, Sohan, all of you have friends with this name only? if not use your friends name, I am sure every second person write “RAM” as his hero, so choose a good name for your character. Also some of them write totally different story like if they see a “village scene” then hero wanted to work for his village as an engineer !! Really you want to do that ?? At least write something which has quick action and not future plans kind of things. Some of you give rewards at the end of your story just for a social work, getting reward for a good work is not that easy in Indian ( kidding)please avoide this reward system and just make a happy ending with some twists and turns in your story, Assessors should get some interest and attention while reading/listening to your story but again do not make detective type and superman type stories be normal and practical. Okay you must be good at writing story so where is the fault ?? let us talk about group discussion, a very tensed situation isn’t it ??

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Tips while narrating: Be loud enough while narrating the story , be confident about your story , look at every one while narrating except looking at assessors, try to convey the message of your story instead of going deep into the story content { do not take much time to finish}.Some time we get stuck in between during narration, do not worry about that try to come back on the track as soon as possible, and keep your story simple during narration so that you don’t stuck in between and also don’t bug others as well. On the whole your story narration is easy and attractive because all you need to get is attention from assessors, again do not try to gain attention through odd means.What are the odd means ?? okay you must have seen a candidate saying ” gentle man I agree with chest number xyz story ” and that candidate keep on saying this throughout the whole discussion, what is this ? fine its good if you like others story but it didn’t mean that saying such lines let you in for 5 days, why are you there? you also have a story, did you put your point even once ? did you contribute in the story making ? did you convince others regarding few points which you think are correct ?
ppdt group discussion
PPDT group discussion

All you need to do is to make a story with the help of others, so contribute some points during discussion and try to find out the common point in the story which others also observed and add it to the story because no one objects in something which he/she also observed. Suppose if most of you have seen a village environment then say that keep the village environment only and make story around that instead of making something odd. All you need is to convince others and also agree with others, supporting your story is good but forcing others to take whole part of your story as a common story is never gonna work for you.Sometimes GD becomes “Fish Market” and yes its not your fault because your are not getting involve but still you didn’t get select, why ? because you didn’t say a single world , if you try to stop such stupid stuff in GD by convincing others then you have a good chance, try your best to convince them, tell them not to argue and lets try to make a good story. If you keep quit under such situation it’s difficult for you to get selected and yes people who are shouting may get selected because they were trying to do something to make a story.

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