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Hi all! I am Swastik Mohapatra. I have cleared the written and the SSB rounds of the 128’th NDA course. I am writing this article to give you some important tips and tricks of trade to help you prepare for NDA written examsNow assuming that you know all about NDA I won’t waste time in mentioning that NDA is one of the best military institutions in the world and stuff. Coming straight to the point:
How to prepare for the NDA Written Test?

Now, for being successful in the written exam you need to have a systematic approach and a lot of practice. Remember, NDA Written exam is NOT difficult at all but you need to have a lot of practice to get good marks in written.
The syllabus can be found here :
Now that you know what the syllabus is, I will give you some useful tips (which have been really useful for me) to help you succeed. I suggest you begin preparing at least 3-4 months in advance because then you will have enough time for revision.
Starting with Maths : Maths section comprises of 300 marks. It entirely consists of the 10+1 and 10+2 syllabus. So if you are a class 12 student, no worries. Complete your 12’th Maths Syllabus and revise the 11’th syllabus. That would suffice. For students in class 11 (and under) I suggest starting in at least 6 months in advance. That way you can complete your own syllabus and also complete most of the 12’th syllabus. I recommend you buy the book published by Arihant “Pathfinderfor NDA and NA Entrance Examination” . It is a really good book. It first gives the important formulas of the Chapter and then gives you lots and lots of questions to practice. It also gives the hints and explanations for the difficult questions. This book will also be helpful for preparation of CBSE exams as it contains some really good question.
Start doing one chapter at a time. If you know the chapter well, then just read through the formulas and do the practice. If you are not familiar, then write each formula at least 10 times. This will help you to memorize formulas. I know its not the right way of learning but then you have to memorize formulas to solve problems quickly. After memorizing the formulas, see the Examples in the book which will help you know how to apply the formulas to problems. Then do the practice questions. I repeat again “PRACTICE AND  PRACTICE”!! Try to give yourself a time limit and solve the problems within the stipulated time. This will increase your  speed. Keep practicing. That’s the key. DO all the maths questions in the book and you are bound to get a very high score in math in the Written Exam.
Next up , General Ability Test which is of 600 marks. The Arihant book covers all the aspects of each and every chapter in detail and then gives practice questions. So I suggest that you go through the book and practice the questions. Physics, Chemistry, English do not require much memorizing. You just need to understand the concepts and solve problems. For biology, history, civics and economics you need to do a bit of memorization. What I suggest is that you should make notes as you read through and revise those notes regularly to help you memorize the things.
Also I would suggest that you buy the book “10 years NDA & NA Entrance Exam Solved Papers” by Arihant. Do all the questions and you are bound to succeed.
As a last bit of advice I would suggest that you should test yourself every week on the syllabus completed in that week. This way you will not lose track of thing and you can prepare in a systematic way. Try to enjoy your preparation. This time will never come back. SO enjoy your preparation and you will see success following you.
So see you in NDA cadet
Author: Swastik Mohapatra : He is very passionate about Defence Forces . His dream is to join Indian Defence Forces and he is recommended for NDA-128th in his very first attempt.

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