CDS 1 2013 Cutoff Marks CDS 1 Answer Key 2013 Paper 1st, 2nd and 3rd Solution

cdse 2013 cut off and answer key solution

Written exam of CDS-1-2013 was held on 17th Feb 2013 for the course commencing in Jan in 2014 for admission to the Army, Air Force wings and  Navy of the IMA for the 136th Course & SSC 99th, 11th OTA,195th Flying Course and Naval Academy. Candidates waiting for CDS 1 2012 Key and cut off marks, Paper solution sheet, CDS key 2013,  CDS 1 2013 Cutoff Marks / answer sheet of CDS-1 2013 is/will be published in SSBCrack. Aspirants can look at the answer keys for their CDS written exam, here of paper-1st and paper-2nd with set-a, set-b, set-c, set-d. 

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All aspirants must know that there are three different sections/papers in CDSE viz English, General Knowledge, Elementary Mathematics. CDSE is conducted by UPSC twice every year. When comparing CDS 2 2013 from last CDS 2 2012, it was little tougher and also the format of questions has changed in few, this time GK was the toughest in all the three sections.

English: Few might have noticed that the format has changed for few questions, specially synonyms and antonyms were asked differently and was little difficult this time. Overall, paper was quite easier this time, specially the comprehension passages were quite easier like last time.
GK: This section is usually tough, but this time it was more tougher, more general questions based on current affairs, polity, history, surprisingly not much was asked from defence sector like earlier. Overall GK was tough so nothing new in it. 
Maths: Easy like always, good options for scoring more marks through maths, more trigonometry and arithmetic was asked this time. 
Overall the paper was moderate and cdse 2013 cut off may go up to 140 Marks for AFA, 125 marks for IMA,  90 for OTA and 115 for NA. Lets wait for the CDS 2 2012 answers key to come up from The Cavalier Coaching Institute for  CDS-1 answer sheet 2013 and CDS 1 2013 cut off.

CDS 1 2013 Answer Key 

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  • Yes GK question standard is higher and different from previous editions. History is very deep and current affairs are very twisted, Little boon is the science section

  • hey guys one question in gk paper was wrong it was a map question
    plz reply

    • Yes it is incorrect.None of the options are matching

    • hi nikhil do you have any idea then what we should do?

    • Yes, numbers 4 and 2 ought to have been swapped.

  • Please send me CDS 1 2013 Answer Key for English Paper 1

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  • the way upsc had designed the G.k paper was not General at all . I think they should change the name of paper 2 (g.k) in CDS instead of this D.K (deep knowledge) will suit more . This time the level of g.k seems to be touching the level of IAS kind of exams . Whereas English ..ha ha . I haven’t seen that so easy paper in cds history . maths was also easy . .. don’t have any idea about cut off 🙁 . plz let me know this ?

    • get atleast 110/300 nd u’ll definately get a cal for IMA

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  • dear Admin, there are so many questions in english for which the answer key given are wrong and doesn’t make any sense when examined. Just saying…

  • Dear Admin, i appreciate ur constant efforts.i have a doubt.Dooes the UPSC consider our CDSE marks in preparing final merit list after SSB recommendation? and how abt if the merit list is bigger than the vacancies. i mean what do those ppl at the end of merit list hv to do?

  • Hey friends if u’ve any doubt thn u may also check the ans. key here

  • i have done only 35 in maths.
    It ws quiet low as compared last tym.
    Is it still possible fr ima.
    I have done 101 in english
    and 64 in g.k

  • If not for Ima, you have a good chance of clearing for OTA…

  • guys im getting around 87 to 95 , is that a cool score

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    • amit:hey amit how many marks for single question,means 51 marks in english,37 in maths and 11 in gk is out of 120 or 100 becouz there is 120 questions in it.plz reply…and do u have gk answer key????

    • Amit ..where did you check your g,k marks ? … is there any answer key for g.k ..reply dude ?

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  • math – 38
    english – 97.4
    g.k – 61
    Total – 196.4/300

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  • 110 marks in gk and english any chance for ota

  • 110 marks in gk and english any chance for ota

    • 100 percent u’ll get a cal for SSB.
      start preparing for ur SSB dnt waste any time

  • 81.56 is a there a chance

  • 81.56 is a there a chance

    • u hv chnce 100% chance for OTA and IMA 50% chance

  • gg

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    • gg

      and will i be qualifief for IMA and AFA..??
      plz do reply

  • english getting 79 maths 85 and gk i am getting 47 is it enough for afsb

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  • gg

    please reconsider the answers of question 21, 28, 91 and 96 in cds 1 2013 maths paper…i think they are not correct….the correct answers should be 21)B 28)A 91)A 96)C according to set D…please confirm…??

    • gg

      heyy does anyone agree to dat…??

    • gg

      heyy does anyone agree to dat…??

  • gg

    Guys what will be the expected cut off marks for gk…???
    my marks are
    gk…12.5/100 (by .83 and .27 calculation)
    english…51.5/100 (by .83 and .27 calculation)
    maths…54/100 (by 1 and .33 calculation)
    total 118/300
    Will i be qualified 4 IMA AND AFA…??

    • i think 15 % shud be there for each subject to qualify thats what i saw in some rti copy of cds

  • i am getting 76 for OTA is there any chance

  • please tell me someone

  • considering the gk exam 76 would be a safe score. Best of luck.

  • can some please tell how is the calculation done for each paper???????

  • Hello everyone, after conferring to the answer keys provided above.

    I am getting a score of 115/300 for IMA and 80 for OTA.

    Please tell me what are my chances, according to your past experiences.

    Your Guidance will mean a lot to me.

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  • I am getting 99 marks. IS there any chance for IMA? plzzz rply

    • defenitly you got through.

  • my total off all 3 subjects is 119.03 is there any chance for IMA
    by .83 and .27 calculation for gk and english and by 1 and .33 for maths
    pls rply

  • i am getting 120 marks …. Eng – 72… maths – 36 …GK- 12…is there any chance for me to get an ssb call…..plz rply fast…

  • 110 marks in maths and english…

  • sir i have got 58 in english and 29 in gk, in total the score is 87. any chance of getting call from ota last time my score was 97 but didnt a call for ota am very much tensed out here…..

  • i am getting around a total of 140/300. But in gk i will score below 20, will I get a call for SSB???

    • defenitly you got through

  • sir i m geting 50/100 in english and 35/100 in g.k is there any chance for getting a call for ssb for ota,plzzzz reply admin i am trying for last 3 cds exams is there any chance dis time

    • plz admin reply my question i had given 3 times the cds exam is there any chance,geting 30-35 in gk and 50 in eng after cutting negetive marks

  • english: 72 correct and 45 incorrect
    gk: 36 correct and 46 incorrect…
    do i have a chance in OTA …. plz reply

  • ENGLISH -51

  • hello i am getting 110 marks in the three and 90 in gk and english any chance for ssb call..??


  • 47 in english,29 in gk, 56 in maths is there any chance in afa of ima. pls tell me.

  • Gk answers are all wrong!!! Pathetic play man! For proof answer to sachin born to bat book is written by khalid ah ansari. Not by majumdaar. What man guys r serious abt it, y r u playing wid dere emotions!

  • getting 93 in total for OTA will i get a call for OTA

  • hey azhar plzzzz tellll

  • CAn any one send me 2013 CDS paper or let me know if it is available in online ?

  • iam getting 78 considering all the 3 xams…will i get any chance to entry in any of the course

  • Wrong answers in gk, indira gandhi peace prize 2012 was given to lula da silva, and that g8 ques, 2 answers are correct, integrated part of un, group of developed countries (ind is not a developed country). Many more answers.


  • thank yaar dekhte hai isko bhi

  • cut off for cds september 2012 was 78 for ota…see this time…nothing can be said this time..nearby or higher

    • what was the cut off for ima for the written part??

  • I am getting 70 marks in english, 60 marks in maths and 30 marks in GK according to the key in cavalier’s website. Is there any chance of mine getting into IMA or NA ???
    Plz reply soon !!!



    PLZ !!!

  • abhilash u should first calculate your scores by .83 marking scheme in gk and english n if u did this way then u will absolutely get call frm there.

    • ya Nitin, I calculated by considering 0.83 marks for each question in english and gk, and 1 marks each for maths !!!

  • For all the above queries who have 90+ in Eng and GK are safe for OTA
    and who have 110+ in GK,Eng n Maths are safe for IMA

    scores derived from personal and friends ssb scores from past 3 CDSE n RTI queries

    rest have a somewhat 80-90 also have high chance for OTA,but not sure though
    70-80 sorry to say very slim chances

    who have 100-110 for IMA they also have good chance for IMA this time around as GK was very tough n all
    below 100 again very slim chances for IMA

    I think now i have answered all the queries stated above

    • sir,
      can u please give the information regarding the previous cut off marks??

  • English=79.49
    Any chance for IMA?

  • Iam getting around 79 marks in in gk nd english….nd 100 marks in in english,, gk and maths …. what are my chances ???

  • what will be the cut off for AFA


  • this is the first time i appeared for CDS. i have got 60% right answers in english, and 40% right in GK. i would be happy if someone let me know whether there is any chance.

  • Some answers for maths in set D are also wrong ..

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • I score some 18 to 22 marks in gk and overall score was around 107+ for all three what are my chance of getting ssb call my preferences is Ima

  • I have been selected for s.s.b interview for i.m.a for cds 2 held on 2012 but not recieved my call letter yet. My reporting date is on 21 st march …what should i do

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  • I have been selected for s.s.b interview for i.m.a for cds 2 held on 2012 but not recieved my call letter yet. My reporting date is on 21 st march …what should i do

  • i m getting around 91 /300 ….is there any chance of getting call for IMA or OTA ??
    please rply someone having much experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • subject-wise or overall cutoff in CDS? pls reply

  • i have scored 96 for ima and 66 for ota
    do i hav any chance of getting a ssb call
    please suggest

  • How exactly we should calculate marks for all the sections ??
    In above comments, some where i have read it is compulsory to consider .83 and .27 … i didn’t understand those number !!

    could someone please clear my doubt ??

    • in english and g.k u gotta allot 0.83 marks for every correct answer and deduct 0.27 for every wrong answer.
      i maths u gotta allot 1 mark for every correct answer and deduct 0.33 for every wrong answer

  • Maths 55, GK 50, English 90… 195 marks out of 300… Any chance for IMA or OTA?

    • from where did u get ur marks frnd..?
      can u plz share the link

  • when will results of CDSE 01/2013 and AFCAT 01/2013 come?

  • guys can any one tell us the individual for IMA for CDS 01/2013…???????????
    pls b specific frnd…..

  • guys can any one tell us the individual for IMA for CDS 01/2013…???????????
    pls b specific frnd…..

  • i scored approx 99 marks…
    is there any chance for me??

  • I have scored 120 marks for NA & IMA what are my chances?

  • pls help me frndz.this was my second attempt in cds exam.last being cds 2 2012.i got score around 72 for ota that time but failed to crack exam.this time according to the key i got around 96 for ota and 106.for ima.will i get any call frndzzz…??? pls help me…i am not aware about this cut offs and all…

  • frndz how are the marks distributed…???
    is each question given one mark…???
    coz they have given it clearly that negtive marks is one third(1/3=.33)…plsss tell frndzzzz

  • using .83 as score i got around 80 for ota and 90 for ima…will i get call…??? pls help frndzzzz

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • guys is this is the right answer key that has been uploaded here i dnt thnk it to be the right answer keys


    hello sir I am getting 77 marks according to The Cavalier ANSWER SHEET……kya koi ummed hai OTA me durr durr tak

  • Abhinav Kathuria

    can any one tell me…

    cut-off decides call for ssb or preference filled?

    example i hv filled ima as my first preference and clear the cutoff for
    ota… will i get a call for ota ssb or not? the main problem i am
    facing is i want to fill ota as my first preference but i am not sure of

  • Prashant Kumar

    on upsc website question papers of cdse 1 2013 are not published…Can anyone provide me them….

  • pradeep G

    hi guys i have got 82 in cdse 1 2014……so is there any chance of my selection,,,???

  • anshul singh

    can i give cdse exam in b-tech 4th year