Difference between PPDT and TAT


Most of the candidates and specially freshers are confused between PPDT and TAT which is conducted at SSB interview. We have already covered many articles related to PPDT [ Picture Perception and Discussion Test] and TAT [Thematic Apperception Test]. In this article we will discuss about what are the differences and similarities between PPDT and TAT.


What is PPDT

PPDT stands for picture perception and discussion test, its a part of screening test. PPDT consist of story writing, narration and story discussion in a group.

Picture Perception and Discussion Test
Picture Perception and Discussion Test

What is TAT

TAT stands for Thematic Apperception Test, its a part of Psychological testing conducted by SSB psychologist for all screened in candidates.

Thematic Apperception Test
Thematic Apperception Test

What is the Difference Between PPDT and TAT of SSB Interview

Below we have mentioned the differences between  TAT and PPDT. Candidates can refer this table and understand the meaning of TAT and PPDT.

Stage 1 test, conducted during Screening Test to filter candidates for stage 2 testing.
Conducted only for screened in candidates, part of psychological tests conducted during stage 2 testing.
Candidate who passes this test goes for Stage 2 testing and stay for 5 days testing, if fails routed back on the same day.
It is not a knockout test, but it plays major role in your recommendation. TAT is one of the four tests conducted during Psychology testing.
Consist of story writing, story narration and story discussion among group members.
Only story writing. No narration and discussion.
No. of picture: 1
Type of picture: Hazy
Total time: 4 mins
No. of pictures: 11 ( including 1 blank slide)
Type of picture: Clear
Total Time: 4 mins for each picture
Difficulty level is high because of the competition. it’s a knockout round.
There is no competition, individual result of TAT is never declared.  

Hope this clears the doubt among aspirant, did we miss something? Do write your responses in the comment box below.

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