August 26, 2013

AFCAT 2 2013 Question Paper

AFCAT 2 2013 Question Paper And Answers
AFCAT 2 2013 written exam is over now, and we hope all of you have done well in your exam. Through our Facebook page, we have tried getting questions from AFCAT 2 2013. We have consolidated all questions and prepared AFCAT 2 2013 Question Paper. As you know, IAF don't let us go with the question paper after the examination, few aspirants have helped us to gather questions based on their memory. Hope you will like this effort, we would take some time to collect the original question paper of AFCAT 2/2013.

AFCAT 2 2013 Question Paper And Answers

AFCAT 2 2013 Marking Scheme
  1. Total Questions: 100
  2. Total Marks: 300
  3. Correct Answer: +3
  4. Wrong Answer: -1

AFCAT 2 2013 Question Paper

Few questions from AFCAT 02 2013 are:
  1. Which gland is located on the root of brain? 
  2. Which material has high electron affinity values? 
  3. What is the vertical circle?
  4. If u increase a no. By 20% and again you want to obtain the original no. Than by how much % u have to decrease it.
  5. You purchase table and chair of 500,  table is of 50 and chair is of 40 then what is the ratio of table and chair.
  6. In Indian history 1857 is remembered for?
  7. Average salary of 20 workers is 1900, after adding manager salary average becomes 2000.salary of manager?
  8. Solve:  222-1/3 of (42+{56-8+9}+108}
  9. Who composed commonwealth song?
  10. Who found the sea way first in India?
  11. Sania mirza won which of the medal in 21st commonwealth games??  A)gold b)silver c) bronze d)nothing
  12. Who did not get padma shri award from the following a : Shreedevi kapoor b: Naik subedar c: Prakash jha
  13. Gland which is at the tip of the brain??
  14. Question related to electron affinity.
  15. Same as rabies, cancer ________ ?? A: pneumonia b: diabetes c: hepatitis
  16. Inch: centimetre:: pint: ??
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