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Question PaperAFCATAFCAT 1 2020 Question Paper 23 Aug 2020

AFCAT 1 2020 Question Paper 23 Aug 2020

AFCAT 1 2020 Question Paper – Questions and Answer 22 & 23 Feb 2020: AFCAT 1 2020 is being conducted online on 22th and 23rd February in shift 1 and 2. SSBCrack will collect and published the original questions from AFCAT 1 2020 from shift-1 and shift-2. Candidates can go through AFCAT 1 2020 questions and answers, we will keep updating this post as and when we get more questions from AFCAT 1 2020. We also request aspirants of AFCAT 1 2020 to submit the questions in the comment section below. You will find AFCAT 1 2020 English Maths GK and Aptitude Question Papers and answer from them from shift-1 and shift-2.

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AFCAT 1 2020 Question Paper 23 Aug 2020

1. Capital of Ghana.
Ans: Accra
2. Equator passes through which of the following.
3. Headquarter of UNIDO.
4. Which of the following tropy belongs to cricket. Ans: Cooch Behar trophy.
5. Author of Gone with the wind.
Ans: Mitchell (Option D). 6. Buland darwaza built by Akbar is located at? (Not sure about exact qstn). 7. Pass that lie outside India? Khyber.
8. Ram Prasad Bismil associated with which conspiracy.
Ans. Kakori conspiracy.
9. What happens when we cross international date line from West to east.
Ans. Lose a day
10. Dravidian architecture related which of South Indian kingdom.
Ans. Cholas.
11. Nautical mile is used in which of the following.
Ans. Navigation.
12. Which game is not included in Olympic: Cricket.
13. Ms Subbulakshmi related to which type of music.
Ans. Carnatic.
14. Constituent assembly formed under which plan.
Ans. Cabinet Mission plan..
15. Aniraban Lahiri related to which sport?
Ans. Golf.
16. Ben Johnson, famous athelete is from which country: USA
17. Name of gold coins issued during Gupta period : Dinaras
18. State receiving highest rainfall in winter
Options: Punjab, Meghalaya, TN, Kerala.
Ans. Maybe TN (not sure). 19. Punch & upper cut is related to which sport.? 20. Break is related to which sport?

Where is afmc located? Which fort was not built by akbar? Actual marathon time. Tropic of cancer does not pass through?

Which of the sport is not included in Olympics? a) shooting b) cricket c) skiing d) table tennis. Ans: cricket

Which article of Indian Constitution prescribes Hindi in Devanagari script as the official language of the Union?

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