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AFCAT 2 2019 Question Paper – 25 August 2019 [ORIGINAL]

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AFCAT 2 2019 Question Paper from 25th August 2019 – Questions and Answer 24 & 25 August 2019: AFCAT 2 2019 was conducted online conducted on 24th and 25th August in shift 1 and 2. We have collected a few questions from AFCAT 2 2019 question paper and we thank all the aspirants and our readers who have taken time to submit these AFCAT 2 2019 Questions. Candidates can go through AFCAT 2 2019 questions and answers, we will keep updating this post as and when we get more questions from AFCAT 2 2019. We request aspirants to submit the questions in the comment section below. You will find AFCAT 2 2019 English Maths GK and Aptitude Question Papers and answer from them from shit-1 and shit-2.

Afcat 25 Aug 1 shift paper questions:
Q1. How many medals have been won by Micheal Phelps?
Q2. Which dynasty established the Ajanta Ellora caves?
Q3. Which text of the Vedas refers to Medicine?
Q4. “Duckworth Lewis” is related to which game?
Q5. Which cricketer reached fastest 10000 runs in ODI?
Q6. What is the Capital of Columbia?
Q7.Where is the headquarter of WHO?
Q8.Who was the founder of Mughal dynasty?
Q9. What is the Actual name of Ghisyauddin Tughlaq?
Q10. The Khilafat Movement was merged with which movement?
Q11. What is the distance between the stumps in cricket?
Q12. Who rejected the Muslim League’s demand for Pakistan?
Q13. Which book was authored by Vikram Seth? (A Suitable Boy)
Q14. Which Desert is not located in Asia?
Q15. Who established the Indian National Congress?
Q16. Which lines run parallel to the equator? 
Q17. Who Invented Electricity?
Q18. Which gas results in Brown Cloud Atmosphere?
Q19. Which of the following a non-ferrous element?
Q20. Sun occupies how much percentage of area?

AFCAT 25 Aug 2nd shift paper questions:
Full form of CAS?
Who built Jama Masjid in Delhi?
Who wrote Arthashastra?
Mihir Seen is associated with which sports?
Khajuraho temple was made by which dynasty?
Who was Political advisor to Mahatma Gandhi?
Capital of Oman?
Highest run scorer in test cricket?
Who invented rocket engine?
Khilafat movement was initiated by?
Who wrote the book “White tiger”?
Latitudes and longitudes are always……?
Which series is played between India and Australia?
Lady Hindu Rajput ruler?
Which river originates from Tibet?
The heaviest satellite launched by ISRO?
The African continent is also known as?
Kind of event Asiad is?
Metroman of India?
Eng section
Meaning of idiom ‘in teeth of’
Antonym of “Gullible”
Aptitude section
1. A family consists of Grandparents, parents and 4 grandchildren. If avg age of grandparents is 67, avg age of parents is 35 and avg age of grandchildren is 6, then what is the avg age of the family?
2. 6 boys and 3 men can do 5 times the work done by 1 man and 1 boy in an hour. Calculus the ratio of work done by men and by boy?
3. A can finish a work in 20 days. A works for 5 days and leave, then B finish the remaining work in 10 days. How much time will be required to do the work if both A and B work together?
4. If on P, R% rate is compounded half yearly then after an year we get an amount Q. If on P simple interest of S℅ per annum if applied, we get amount Q. What is the relation between R and S?

Q1. How many overs can a bowler bowl in T20 Cricket?
Q2. Which radioactive element is used to treat cancer?
Q3.Where will next summer Olympic 2020 be held?
Q4. Who is the First lady, to win Wimbledon?
Q5. Who is grand old man of India?
Q6. What is the full form of DRS system?
Q7. When did the First battle of Panipat take place?
Q8. Which Indian missile has a range of 5000 km?
Q9. Who demanded the creation of Pakistan?
Q10. What does Upanishads signify?
Q11. Who received Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna?
Q12. Total Permanent members in UNSC?
Q13.Mogadishu is the capital of which country?
Q14. How many timezones are there in the world?
Q15. Amartya Sen authored which book?
Q16. What is the type of architecture of India Gate?
Q17.Africa’s highest peak?
Q18. Who designed Taj Mahal?
Q19. Hottest Desert?

If the cost of rice increases by 25 percent then expenditure of family increase by 10 percent. If family was consuming40kg rice before how much family is consuming now?

two trains start towards each other at same time with speeds 50kmph and 60kmph ,a bird perched first train and starting from first train it went to second train and came back to first train it went back to second train. the distance between trains was 220km and speed of bird was 80kmph what is the total distance travelled by bird?

25 Aug 1st Shift .. 1) WHO headquarters? 2) Veda related to medicine 3) Capital of Cambodia 4) SYNONYMS: INNATE, BAFFLE 5) ANTONYM- Clandestine 6) Total width of stumps including the gaps between them-9inch 7) mass of sun % 8) vikram seth- A suitable Boy. 9) idiom: to cast the first stone 10) Fastest batsman to complete 10000 ODI runs. 11) Lines parallel to north and south of equator. 12) Father of Geometry- Euclid 13) Archipelago: Island:: Massif:? Ans.Mountains 14) odd one out- Tortoise snake dolphin duck 15) Founder mughal dynasty- babur 16) One day trophy- Vijay Hazare trophy 17) Greco roman and freestyle related to- wrestling 18) Michael Phelps total Gold medals 19) Who formed INC- A.O.Hume 20) FGFA full form- fifth generation fighter aircraft 21) which dynasty built kailashnath temple in ellora? 22) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq -Ghazi malik 23) who rejected muslim league’s demand for pakistan- cabinet mission 24) Range connecting Gilgit, Southern china- Karakoram ranges 25) Duck term related to cricket 26) Electricity discovered by – Benjamin Franklin 27) khilafat movement combined with non cooperation movement 28) Which of this is non ferrous- Iron, Cobalt, Copper,Manganese?
29) brown blaze on dome is due to which gas? 30) Venn diagram- A) Indian,tall man, black haired B) Aptitude, Intelligence,Honesty.

25 Aug II Shift 1.African continent known as? 2. Who scored highest score in test series? 3. Full Form of CAS? 4. Longitude and latitude meets at? 5. Revolution speed of earth around sun? 6. Who is the mentor of Mahatma Gandhi? 7. All India khilafat movement started by? 8. What is the capital of Oman? 9. Mihir Sen is associated with which sport? 10. Who is known as “Metro Man” of India? 11. Jama Masjid was Built by which? 12. khajuraho temple was built during which dynasty? 13. Arvind Adiga is the author of which book? 14. Who was the last Rajput ruler? 15. Arthshastra is written by? 16. which river originate from mansarovar? 17. India Australia test series is known as? 18. When an umpire with both hands do a shape of squares then it’s meaning?

1. Capital of Colombia.
2. Kailashnath temple is made in the reign of.
3. Who is the father of geometry.
4. Which plan rejected demand of pakistan.
5. Full form of FGAF.
6. Number of olympic medals by Michael Phelps.
7. Mountain range passing through Pak India and CHina.
8. WHO headquarters.
9. Fastest indian to score 10000 runs.
10. width of stumps including the gap.
11. Founder of mughal dynasty in india.
12. Founder of indian national congress.
13. parallel lines from equator are called as.
14. DUCK term is used in.
15. Freestyle and Greco Roman is a style of which sport.
16. % of sun’s mass in solar system.
17. Which veda deals with medicines.
18. odd one out snake, tortoise, duck, dolphin.

The age of captain of a cricket team is 30 yrs and wicketkeeper is 1 year older. The average of the team excluding captain and wicketkeeper is 1 less than the average of the whole team. What is average of whole team?

If a person rows a boat at the speed of 8kmph and the speed of stream is 1.4 kmph then it takes 2 hrs to reach somewhere and coming back. If he increased his speed by 25percent how will time be affected?

A can do a job in 20 days. He works for 5 days and finishes 1/4 of the total work. Then B comes and finishes the remaining work in 15 days. How many days A and B together will take to finish the job?

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