15 Frequently Asked Questions in SSB Conference

Conference in SSB interview happens on the 5th day of SSB testing, in conference, all the assessors of a particular board including the president and deputy president, meet each other to discuss and prepare the results of candidates on 5 days testing. There are few rumors and doubts among candidates regarding the conference, lets discuss them one by one.
Candidates will be called one by one according to increasing or decreasing order of their Chest No. there will be a bell and a display board indicating a chest number just to inform the candidates about their turn to go inside conference hall.
15 Frequently Asked Questions in SSB Conference

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Generally Conference lasts for 30 Seconds to 60 Seconds for most of the candidates, few candidates may take more time up to 5 -10 mins or  30 mins sometimes, such cases are rare and they are generally a doubt case. There are few questions which are generally asked:

  • How are you? How were your stay, food and accommodation here in last 5 days?
  • Rate your performance out of 10?
  • How do you rate your performance of three tests?
  • How many friends you made in these last five days?
  • Any changes which you felt in yourself in these 5 days.
  • Why you were not selected in your previous attempts? (For Repeaters).
  • What you will do if you are not selected this time?
  • Rate yourself in you group?
  • What is your next plan?
  • Which test you enjoyed most in SSB?
  • In which test you think you could have done better?
  • Have you been out with friends? What all places you visited of the city in which you Board is Located.
  • Compare your performance with previous ssb attempt?
  • Some SRTs if you are boarder line case?
  • Any suggestion for improvement of SSB?
What kind of questions you have during your conference, do write it in the comment section below.
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  • Vijay

    What have you learnt here ?

  • Himanshu Saharia

    i think you should be genuine through out the whole process n confess your mistakes if you have done sofar

  • xyz

    They asked me u would goal very easily in basketball. Though I didnt mention about basketball anywhere in my interview.

  • OHTiam

    I was asked just 1 question, a very peculiar one at that, in the conference – “what are you doing to reduce/control your weight?”. It was bewildering to me (though i didn’t express it), as by no measure am i a chubby or an obese/overweight person, but infact, a physical culturist by (my) nature & inclination!

  • Saroj Singh

    how was the food

  • tarun

    Any change you want to see here..??

  • chauhan rohit

    if da student is being asked da similar question vch wer asked in pi.. what does tht mean.. and i gave answer but didn get selected.. i mean recommended

  • Soumya Ranjan Panigrahy

    what generally happens in a conference???? this was the first question in my 4th conference…

    what about the water today??? whether hot or cold??? here they want to test whether i took bath or not…