5 Inspiring Facts About Lt. Umar Fayaz Will Inspire Every Indian

Cowardly terrorists abduct and martyr a young Army Officer on leave in his hometown in J&K. Lt Umar Fayaz of 2 RAJRIF presently posted in Akhnoor was only just commissioned in Dec 2016. He was on leave to attend pre-marriage ceremonies at his uncle’s place last night from where he was abducted by terrorists and his bullet-riddled body was found at Harmen (West of Behibagh).


5 Inspiring Facts About Lt. Umar Fayaz

  1. The officer is ex-NDA. His father is a farmer, has a small time apple business. He was likely to go for Young Officers Course in Sep 17. Was part of Hockey Team of NDA, excellent volleyball player. Physically tough, troops enjoyed being with him.
  2. He was a member of the academy’s volleyball and hockey teams during training from 2012 to 2015. “Fayaz was active in both sports. He was calm by nature. His records at the academy were also good,” an NDA official said. Lt Gen Abhay Krishna, the Colonel of Rajputana Rifles, grew emotional while paying tribute to the lieutenant. “We have lost a very good officer. Lt Fayaz was extraordinarily tough and highly motivated. He was always ready to take on challenges and believed in leading from the front.
  3. “He did three years with the NDA, one year with IMA, and then joined one of the best regiments. Speaks of his commitment to the country and the Army… You felt good when he was around,” the general said. Expressing horror, Lt Gen Krishna said, “They killed a young and promising boy who was on leave to attend the wedding of his cousin and was unarmed. How does killing a young local boy square with the alleged freedom struggle they claim to be waging? This only proves once again that they are just a bunch of criminals.” The killing, he said, must serve as a wake-up call.
  4. “He is a hero because his battle started five years back when he decided to join the NDA…. He has fought that battle successfully and his death will not go waste,” Major General Raju said. The commander told the bereaved family that Fayaz was a martyr and that people, even though silent, were with them.
  5. The army school in Behibagh will be named after Lt. Umar Fayaz which will produce soldiers like young Lt. Umar.

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