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Self Description Test Of SSB Interview

Self description test in SSB is very important and critical test, it tells about one’s personality more clearly. Self description is a tool for psychologist to know about the candidates behavior and attitude and his/her relationship and behavior in the society. Time allotted for self description is 15 mins in which you have to answer 5 important questions. Time is important so manage your time for each question and avoid long paragraphs.

What are the questions ?

1 Divide the time to answer each and every questions correctly.
2 Do not neglect your strong and weak points.
3 Do not try to hide your weaknesses, if you do so you will never come out of it.
4 Cleverly mention you strong points which shows some OLQs.
5 Avoid writing too much ” strong words ” , be in a normal mode.
6 First analyse what your parents, friends and teachers thinks about you and write it in well mannered
7 Do not contradict with the matter written in your PIQ form, be careful.
8 All strong and weak points of yours must reflects in others tests.

For example if you say in self description that, you want to learn swimming and on the other hand you write a story in TAT in which your hero is swimming across a river, you will be contradicting your own statment then and it will leads to bad personality .

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  1. Hello Friends
    I am goin 2 appear in Coast Guard FSB on 13 april and i am quite confused abt a question which i know will definately be asked in the interview.
    I am a Petroleum Engineer and i have an exam upcoming in june for ONGC.
    now the doubt regarding this issue is should i mention about the preparation for this exam in my interview as IO is definately goin ask me abt my free time activities.if i mention abt my ongc prep,will dis make IO think dat i may not stay in coast guard if i get selected in ongc.will it portrait any negativity to IO.

    any advice regarding this is welcomed as dis issue i think is faced by many aspirants who r aspiring 2 join defence forces and parallely also prep for other competitive exams.Please help me out on this as early as possible.

    Thank you

  2. My parents think I am a responsible and obedient son who truly loves them .They respect my decision and my opinion is taken in all the important matters .They have full faith in me and I am free to choose whatever I want in life.

    My seniors find me a hardworking individual who is responsible and accurate in his work. a According to them i need not to be reminded twice about my work and completes my work as well as help other team members .They say I have great future ahead.

    My friend say i am a genuine guy who is very good at heart. they say i keep enviornment lively .i am always busy in learning new things which also motivates them.My friend and me share a strong bond and will always be there for each other.

    I am a simple and fun loving individual who has a lively attitude. I have set high aims for my life both professionaly and in private life. i am inspired by others and want to inculcate their good qualities in me.

  3. MY friends TAT plays a most valuable role in your pshycology.the WAT and SRT confirms it through action and experience.SD give a 80% idea of urself to phscologist while 20% u can add ur strong and weak points which he has’nt found out through TAT,WAT,SRT..my sincere advice to all ssb aspirants that you know which r your strong and weak points .”getting up late in morning,communication problem at your adult age r all nonsense weak points”.this only gives idea to pshcologist that you are hiding something.THE only way to do well in TAT is spontaneous,obesvatory,imaginative and a sensible real life story.this you can acheive by constant practice of story writing.WAT should come from ur life experiences.
    My friends trust me it totally depends upon the 5 day performance you give there..if you are right on track ,u will reach IMA…else keep on trying till u get another right train.

  4. what if they ask that why do you want to join IAF ? In fact, I want to join it cz of my financial situations otherwise i am interested to go for M.Tech. and want to become an design engineer. what could be the best answer for this? please guide …

  5. Sir, can we give a weakpoint like- i get up late sometimes, i tend to get angry sometimes if someone doesnt understand after explaining more than twice or even thrice…………. will it affect??

  6. What if I think that my mother and father have different opinion about me. Can I write two lines on what my mother thinks about me and another two for what my father thinks about me?

  7. @Admin: I feel it is lengthy.Plz guide me which points to cut.
    1)Parents opinion: In opinion of my parents,i am responsible person and they count my opinion in family matters as they think i am maure enough to solve problems thrugh discussion.They also feel that i will bring good name and fame to family through my hardwork and dedication.They say i respect elders and have coordial relations with relatives.However they say aviod taking junk food as i have habbit of it. Now i am avoiding ths habbit.
    2)Seniors opinion: They feel i am punctual and cooperative as i always come to office on time and also helps juniors in work.they feel i am good in my work and practical knowledge.They say i have ability to work in team both as team member and team leader.
    3)Friends think me as cheerful and humorous personality.I always stood wid them during there good and bad times.They share wid me evrythng as thy consider me trustworthy.Some also considers me part of family and whenever there is any family function, i am always invited.Sometimes they think i spend a lot unnecessery but now i have controlled ths habbit almost.
    4)My opinion: I am simple and straight forward person and i believe in putting best in whatever work i do.My biggest asset is my honesty.I help my parents both emotionally and financially.I want to explore new places so as to connect to new people,understand there culture,language,tradition.I also want to continue my games as i am state level cricket,Fencing player .
    5)Future qualities: I want to improve overall personality along wid physical and mental stamina.Motto of my life is to stay healthy and keep updating.I have improved my communication skills as i am working on it but want to improve it more. For ths, i talk in english wid frnds,watch cricket commentary in different channels like: Ten cricket,ESPN etc.

  8. Parents Opinion:-
    They have belief over me that I will achieve my aim to become an officer in armed forces, and they are giving full support to me to achieve that. They also know that I will not give up till I achieve success in whatever I want to do. They love me a lot and I respect them from the core of my heart.

    Teachers Opinion:-
    My teachers remember me as a student who is average in studies and good at obedience. Also they like my participating attitude in extracurricular activities. They say that I am good at mathematics and lovable person in class as I have lot of friends.

    Friends Opinion:-
    My friends say me as practical person as I put forward my points as outspoken. They consider me as cooperative and lively. They feel happy and secured when I am with them, as I able to handle situations easily. They like my helping tendency and progressive ability. But sometime they think that I’m little bit impatient when tasks are not completed on time.

    Self Opinion:-
    I am an optimistic, candid and a fun loving girl. I believe in God and have some dreams. I want to do my things successfully. I am confident with my thinking and analysis that I can able to convince my surroundings with my points. I do exercises regularly to keep myself fit. The game in which I have interest is volleyball. I was the captain of girl’s volleyball team for two years in my college. Now I play badminton daily. My hobbies are making designs, collages and love dancing. I want to satisfy my surrounding people up to my extent and want to keep them happy. In future, I surely want to learn two things; martial arts and free running and jumping.

    Qualities I would like to develop in me:-
    Things I want to improve are,
    • I want to develop my technical skills and also I am working on that now by putting extra time.
    • I want growth in my English speaking and knowledge.
    • I just want growing scale in my life and want to become fully confident independent girl.

  9. sir, in my interview, the IO asked to me to ask something.. n i asked him about his experiences in armed force. and he replied it in a nut shell.
    sir my question was right or wrong.

  10. Sir My Name is Akash kashyap am pursuing my graduation,after 1 and half year i will appear in CDS examination but my english is not sufficient to clear ssb interview.. could you please tell me some other way or language to clear the interview.

  11. @hitaiksha

    To show your emotions in interview is not a good point, try to control them, IO has nothing to do with sadness and happiness you had in your life :), just be strong and concentrate on giving a best shot.

  12. @Raj Dominating means not letting others to put their points, there is difference in talking more and dominating.

    Also in a discussion if you will not listen to the others point then what will you discuss ? Its a Group discussion not an individual speech.

    If you think you dominate others and don’t listen to them then you will never make it, this is the worst quality and one should not have it.

    • thats good ….but not that much of good that u never give chances to others means you are not promoting ur colleague ideas, army dont prefer the type of people those who dont want to improve their group’s ideas

  13. I am close to both my mother and father and i love them equally. Yes there are certain things for which I take advice from my father because he has a more practical approach towards things but otherwise in general all the discussions include both my parents.

  14. always love both your mom and dad
    but be closer to opposite sex
    else you are homo
    and armed forces dont prefer homos
    I myself more attached to dad but will lie in my interview

  15. # My parents think that I am a confident person which helps me deal with any situation in life. They also think that I am a responsible person. However they say that I am a bit lazy at times.

    # My boss/seniors think that I am a fast learner. They also think that I am innovative with my ideas. They appreciate me for my honesty and politeness. However they feel that I am a bit stubborn sometimes.

    # My friends think that I have a lot of patience. They also think that I am socially adaptive and feel happy and secured when I am around. They also say that I am a bit lazy sometimes.

    # I feel that I am a confident person. I also think that I have good communication skills and am an inquisitive person. I like taking up new responsibilities. However I am a bit lazy and stubborn sometimes.

    # The quality I want to improve in me is my laziness. My aim is to keep on improving and learning new things, and setting up new goals for myself after achieving each goal.

  16. @Admin: I have heard that the question about whom one prefers between his/her parents is asked to know if the candidate is biased in nature and chooses one between the two..is it true?

  17. Rate according to your performance because they want to see whether you have potential to judge your performance or not, be true and rate according to performance in all the 3 tests…next question will be same, if you think you have did your best then you can think that you can get select. ..

  18. thanx….plz suggest a good answer for questions like “rate urself after all tasks” or “”do u think u will be selected ?” asked at d interview


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