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GTOGroup Planning ExerciseGroup Planning Exercise 3 GPE SSB Interview

Group Planning Exercise 3 GPE SSB Interview

Let's practice Group Planning Exercise Part 3 with the map and situation given below.

Most of the candidates neglect GPE and do not take planning seriously. As mentioned earlier, GPE is a test that shows your planning skills, and if you make an effective plan according to the given situations, then you will show your officer-like qualities.

GTO pays more attention to a candidate who shows his/her qualities in the initial tests like GPE. Do not write absurd planning, think according to the situation and plan it properly. Check the group planning exercise situation and map below. Candidates can write their responses in the comment box below.


Group Planning Exercise 3 Details


Group Planning Exercise 3 Map


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  1. Problems:-
    1) Saving man who near the canal
    2) Save water head works from militants at Raipur
    3) Save 3 ton from colliding with tunnel
    4) repair boats which was capsized

    We will divide the group in 4:2:2

    For problem 1
    2 men will borrow a vehicle from a ongoing road
    Time now 2:10 they will reach by 2:30 save the person by providing him first aid and take him to the camp .they will come back by 3:00

    For problem 2
    One of them will go to lanka village make arrangements for 1 vehicle and other 3 will with him to raipur to save workers from militants attack .
    Time now is 2:10 they will reach raipur by 2:45

    For problem 3
    They will wait by 2:30 for the 1 ton truck and carry it to the canal to save the 3 ton truck
    They will reach by 3:00

    For problem 4
    Team with group members 2 must come back to the camp by 5 and with the help of engineer officer they will repair the boat

  2. The narrative says the height of 3 ton being more than the height of the tunnel. Does it not indicate that there’s a possibility the 3 ton’s roof might collide with the tunnel.

  3. 1.team is divided in two units, both of them first proceed to canal to save the drowning people, unit two stays, collects equipments and recaptures the seized raft
    2. unit one heads to lanka village and drops the casualties for medical help time is now 1440 hrs
    3.meanwhile unit two heads to rajpura water head works through canal
    4. 1ton drops unit one ahead of tunnel from there they get 3-ton and head to the water head works to be in position after informing nearby units time is now 1510 hrs
    5.unit one holds position while unit two reaches the spot by 1530 hrs, to neutralize enemy intervention time now is 1600 hrs
    6.both teams return to base camp with the 3-ton to give sitrep to the in-charge officer.

  4. 1) immediately go and save the drown people and provide medical assistance to the drown people.
    2) save the capsized boat and bring it back to shore.
    3) send two people with occupant to the Shakrapur on the boat to get the life jackets and leave the occupant for rest.
    4) ask the two people to inform the authorities about the anti-social elements
    5) in the mean time the 1-ton vehicle would come back and remaining would go to Rajpur and alert the authorities about the situation.
    6)when the situation is under control, return back and inform the officer in-charge about the events.

  5. SIR i will divide the group into two members of 5 and 4.
    1st group will go to the canal in 5 minutes as the distance is 1/2 km and pump out the water manually and other three will get back the boat back which had capsized.

    2nd group will catch another boat and reacch rajpura in 15 minutes (boat speed is 15kmhr) and overpower the miscreants and get back with him to the road and hand them over to the shakarpur army unit and then get back to the canal and in 10 minutes the 1 member will get back his jacket and they will enjoy rafting.

    PLZ RATE AND tell my mistakes SIR

    • SHYAMAN its a good plan about saving the boat n drowned people but are you sure that it is given anywhere that the speed of boat is 15kmps and even if it is given you would be rowing against the tide which is a difficult task

  6. respected sir in the previous ssb i got a very simple task in ct.Hardly i have taken a min to complete that task,the task was very simle,is it shows that gto is not interested in me thats y he has given me a such a simple task…

    please reply asap


  7. sir can u please post some more grop planning exercise because gp is the weakest point of mine and i want to do a lot of practice.


  8. Problems:
    1) Saving the Person’s Life swallowed water.
    2)Saving The Water Tank.
    3)Tackling and Capturing the Miscreants.
    1)We will divide in the group of 5-2-1.
    2)2 of us will go and give first aid to the person near the canal and will take him the hospital in Lanka village with the help of some vehicles running on the Nearest road.
    3)5 of us will immediately reach toRajpura with our Arms and Ammunition from the shortest root i.e,6.5 km taking help of running vehicles as early as possible and will tackel those miscreants and will finally capture them .
    4)1 person will remain at the camp only so that as soon as the vehicle comes from Shakarpura he will come with them for help to Rajpura and also inform to the Commanding officer with the help of satellite phone which must be their in the Vehicle.So, that he will come with police and we will give those miscreants to the police.

  9. 1) giving first aid to captain and driver and send than to lal pur by bus which is started at 1645hrs with two person and ask the lelapur army unit to seal the boarder and there plan.
    2) send two person to yamuna bridge by catch rasta and crossing the small bridge over the rive.and defuse it. maximum it will take 30 minutes.
    3) with the help of passing convey take the tea sohp pony to village betia..and inform than the plan of anti social ellement and save the village head and catch the anti social element and hand over to convey popled..
    4) go to lalpur……

  10. @ aroraaman543: that is a forested area that u are talking about….its a 1-ton..not a helicopter my friend… 🙂

    moreover,even if the area wasnt forested, u shd hv been thankful to ur lucky stars for providing u with two transports…one transporting the team,while the other realys the message to shakarpur establishment…got that? 🙂

  11. @Nishant … Watz the need of moving on to tunnel and taking 3 to from there n then moving to Rajpura … rather the 1 ton could drop the squad well within time using the way that goes to canal on 1 side and to rajpura on the other …. that is less than half of the other way … so you’ll be saving a lot of time …. wat say @ADMIN ??? :-/

  12. Rintu your planning is below average sadly, but you could improve…Planning should be systematic and easy understood by readers…check out the first comment by Nishant…

  13. @most wanted: thanx man..n ya u r ryt..i gotta work harder on writing concisely..not jst GPE but othr parts as well…sorta figrd tht out myself, or gonna sit there at ssb with just half complete stuffs.. 😛

  14. 1 Ton and 3 Ton are vehicles used in Army…1 ton and 3 ton are weight of the vehicles respectively…TCP is something related to telephone transmission…

  15. Immediately I will direct all having life jackets to proceed to canal to save the one who is drowning and rescue others.
    At the same time I will direct to one who is not withe life jacket to go to village to access the situation there.
    By the time he returns about 30 minutes will take. By that time our vehicle will arrive.
    We then all go to village and make necessary arrangements to neutralize the threat.
    After neutralizing the threat we will return to camp and report.( Request to admin: what is this 1-ton and 3-ton means, also what is tcp)

  16. 1-go with the team and bring back the drowning teammate to the camp and administer him CPR and other first aid..as per the need.
    2-the 1 ton would have returned by now at 1430hrs.
    3-all team members to board the 1-ton and drop the casualty at Lanka village for further medical care.
    4-1-ton will drop the team at tunnel and team will board the 3-ton and move towards Rajpura waterhead via road.
    5-1-ton driver to get back to shakarpur unit and get the units closest to rajpura waterworks to deploy reinforcements to the rafting team..shakarpur unit will convey the message via phone/wireless.
    6-the rafting team had to travel 2kms(camp to tunnel + 17kms(to rajpura) + 2-3 kms(rajpura town to rajpura waterworks..calculated guess as per given scale)=22kms…even if their 3-ton maintains an avg speed of 50kmph..they would reach the spotin max 30mins..so time would be 1515hrs..as they left tunnel at about 1445hrs..
    7-team to take positions and wait for reinforcements..they still have 45 mins with them until 1600hrs
    8-once the threat is neutralised, team will get abck to camp and report the matter to their commander who gets back at 1700hrs…team will again take about 30mins to get back..just as before..


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