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Women Oriented TAT And PPDT Pictures

Research pointed out many psychology differences between men and women that helps us to understand them better. Both gender are different in their psychological approach, one should put his/her thought in psychological test, naturally with less manipulation or no manipulation. 


Some psychological differences between men and women are:

  1. Communication skills & body language    
  2. Sharing vs problem solving
  3. Attraction and sex
  4. Aggression vs diplomacy
  5. Logical thinking vs emotional thinking
Likewise there are some changes in the way the psychological test is conducted for women, procedures are always same like in case of men, but there are some changes in the content which comes at the time of psychological test. TAT and SRT may be different and some women oriented pictures may comes at the time of psychological test. 
Suggestions for Women in TAT and SRT:
  1. Always write what comes in your mind, do not try to manipulate your thinking.
  2. Think in a natural way, do not force your mind to think some thing ‘good’, it might end up with thinking something else which is not appropriate with your personality. 

Some women oriented TAT and PPDT pictures are posted below: 

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You may try writing some stories on the above pictures, most of them are women oriented but can come for men entries also because both gender characters are present in the picture. 

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.
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  1. For picture 2nd i think they were a brother and sister the brother were the elder one and the girl to be younger because the brother is elder them definitely he will be the only working man in his house after looking the condition of his brother how he get suffered by working and travelling he would gift a cycle to his brother by saving the money from his expanse

    4th- Sajid in his late twenties live with his wife Sana. He always wanted to be a chartered accountant and thus had taken exams in CA. He was sleeping when his result was announced and his wife Sana came to know his result through Newspaper where his name was also written among the passing candidates and thus coming to know that her husband’s long awaited wish was fulfilled and thus her eyes filled with tears of extreme happiness. Then she went inside and awoke her husband and told him about his success and also said that was because of his determination and dedication and both were very happy.

  3. 4th- Sajid in his late twenties lives with his wife Sana. He always wanted to be a chartered accountant and thus had taken exams in CA. He was sleeping when his result was announced and his wife Sana came to know his result through Newspaper where his name was also written among the passing candidates and thus coming to know that her husband’s long awaited wish was fulfilled and thus her eyes filled with tears of extreme happiness. Then she went inside and awoke her husband and told him about his success and also said that was because of his determination and dedication and both were very happy.

  4. Story for last picture…pls rate it..give suggestions

    Kartik was working in Army and was very happy in his life.But during the kargil war he lost his both legs and is unable to do walk now. Due to this he had to leave his job and take retirement.His wife Aradhya whenever see his situation she can’t stop her tears.She is although a strong women and is educated enough to earn money but at times she become depressed on seeing his husband in such a terrible condition.Although, after few years she manages well and is working now as a school teacher .She is taking care of her whole family and her children are studying very well in a good school.This is all because of her will power and braveness that she was able to use her skills and education for taking care of her family in critical situations.

  5. Juhi and Jatin are sister and brother, After Jatin’s parents passed away Jatin has took care of his little sister and he was always there for her. Jatin runs a restaurant what is the only source of income for the family. oneday jatin met an accident & got his leg broken what threw him into straight 3 months of bed rest. For having a very little of savings the restaurant can not be closed for long. But Juhi has never ran a restaurant before. She is nervous and having a tough time to digest all these at once. She took a deep breath & prepared herself to take all the responsibilities, to do exactly the same what her brother has been doing for last 10 years for her.
    -> for the last picture.
    Please post a review, I am going to atrtend my first SSB



    Action : Saving helpless girl from culprits

    Ram was coming from his college, in the way he saw a group of evil boys doing eve teasing ; initially he ignored by thinking that they might be friends and kidding with each other, but then he heard voice of girl pleading for help. Situation was becoming worse and it become indispensable for him to act. Without wasting any time he ran to save the girl, fought bravely and drag them back,seeing that every effort made by them going waste,culprits ran from there.Thanking Ram girl go safely to her home. Ram was injured while saving girl.He came to home and told her mother about all incedent , Mother became worried,she cried but at the same time she was supporting her son and was convinced by his spontaneous reaction at that moment .

    Admin plz rate my story

  7. for pict 2nd: Inspite of the poor condition of his family Vijay is doing
    his graduation by distance education. His father is a peon in a school
    in adjacent village. His father has to travel by foot daily 3 km. Seeing
    this Vijay decides to buy a bicycle for his father. He started giving
    tutions to students and by small savings over the 6 months he collected
    enough money to purchase bicycle. When first time he reached on bicycle
    his sister got amazed and happy. Parents of Vijay feel proud of his son.
    His father eyes got wet to see dedication of Vijay foor him.

  8. last one:
    Aarushi Jain,she was interested in painting from her childhood and without any doubt she was vry gud in dat.after get married,she keep her interest alive and always take part in various painting competition,as she wants to open her own art gallery.once she was selected in national level competition,during the last round she was given a task which is “to draw the most challenging and realistic moment of your own life”. so she was decided to draw a painting about the day when suddenly her husband got ill and she was alone at home.all other family members were out of town.dat was the unnerving situation for her,her husband had recovered as she took the required step dat time.she draw the above painting and got 1st prize for her brilliant and best painting.every1 appriciated her.now her dream was not so far,she can open her own art gallery.

  9. story 2:
    Akshay,he is an assistant lecturer in Balaji Institute of Engg and Tech.he is a very talented and realistic person.he belongs to a lower middle class family.he used to stir his bicycle if he wants to go somewhere, as he belongs to a small town so acc. to him there is no need to buy a bike.initialy people used to laugh at him as even children today don’t like to buy a bicycle,they directly demand for an scooty/bike.but as time passes people start appriciating him for his practical and realistic nature.akshay always used to beleive in”do what you must not what you can”. and this spirit makes him different from every1.

  10. last story
    crystin was a school teacher married to a proffesor of university.they lived very happy life.one day when her husband coming back to home from college met an accident and got seriously injured.seeing this crystin broke down moraly and started crying,after some time she gathered herself and said to herself she is not going to give up.she took leave from school for a month to take care of her husband also told her students that they can come to her for any problem in studies.she supported her husband moraly and told him how much she love him and took him to hospital regularly and give medicine on time.after a month he started recovering day by day and crystin also joind the school.now they are living happy together again.

  11. Linza is a young girl who lived with her father she lost her mother when she was quite young.She completed her graduation from a local college and was very happy for securing good marks she wanted to join the University to continue her studies in engineering, she decided to ask her father’s permission.But sadly her father was against that,he thinks that whatever she had studied is enough for her and that now she should think to get married because according to him,for girls no matter how much you study ultimately they end up being a mother ora house-wife who just have to take care of the whole family. Even after much pressure also she couldn’t convince her father and was very sad for that.But she could still her inner voice telling her to continue her studies and live her dreams.She prepared for the entrance exam and wanted to prove not only her father but everyone that girls too have the ability to bring changes in many things if given the opportunity and hence when the result was out she was among the top 10. This news reached to her father and the father was overwhelmed with joy and realized his fault.He went to his daughter and congratulated her and now he is always beside her to support her and to fulfill all her good wishes.

  12. Ram was a NSS cadet who had gone to Allahabad for a camp. He had gone to Allahabad at the time when the Kumbh mela was going on. He and his group of friends were curious to know what happens in the mela so they decided to visit the mela.
    Ram and his friends reached the mela on their cycles and were enjoying the mela, when they saw a woman crying in the crowd. On enquiry they found that the woman had lost her child in the crowd. Immediately Ram instructed his friends to search for the child in different directions. Ram guessed in probability and went in search of the child in a place where there was a lot of kids and saw many kids enjoying a magic show there. He also saw a kid crying there. He calmed the kid down and talked to him. On talking he found that he was the same kid whom they were searching for. He took the child to his mother.
    The mother and child were elated to see each other. Mother thanked the Ram and his friends profusely. Ram and his friends bid adieu to the mother and the child, enjoyed the mela and returned back to the camp in the evening.

  13. plz rate my story.
    rahul and vandana were the good friends since childhood.they both studied in the same school of village Darwha. Rahul was vandanas best friend as he helped her with studies and in every difficult phase of life. soon after passing 10+2 exam rahul got selected in the Govt. college of engineering in Yavatmal district, during his vaccations he came to darwha and visited the vandana’s place. there he found that vandana was upset as her fathers cycle was stolen last night. soon after knowing the matter rahul inform police station and also managed few of his village friends and engaged them in searching for vandanas fathers cycle. by the end of the day rahul with his friends succeed in searching the cycle and also they also caught the thief and handed him to police and on further inquiry it was found that same thief was responsible for the bank robbery that happend to take place in darwha last week. this brave act he was nominated for the bravery award by the SP of darwha.

  14. Navreet’s came to her home town after 6 months. she went to visit her best friend gurpreet. After going there she came to know that her friend’s father has fallen ill and was not recovering and her mother n whole family was worried about his condition. When asked gurpreet told navreet that docter said that her father is facing some mental pressures which are not letting him recover. navreet made them understand that if they’ll not encourage him and support him, how will he recover? She told them to make him feel happy and reduce his mental pressure by discussing his problems. Gurpreet and her mother understood and encouraged her father. He recovered very soon and their problems were also reduced. The lived happily.

  15. Story 3:
    Prateeksha’s friend Amir had organised party for celebrating his succes in his office on a project. Amir came to know that Food for the party was not ready due to some strike by the hotel staff. All the gueste had arrived. Amir paniced and felt embarassed. prateeksha when came to know about this, pacified Amir. She asked him not to worry. She along with other guests at party went to Amir’s Kitchen and started cooking the food. Everbody engaged them in food preparation. It was more than a party to the guests. They enjoyed the evening, had great fun and celebrated for Amir’s succes. After the party was over, Amir was glad that the party went very well. He was very happy with that.

  16. Vandana one day came to know that her friend Amir is facing financial problems in his family and needs money urgently for his younger sister’s studies.Vandana knew that Amir will not take money from her. So she organised a cycle racing competition to raise money for him. Amir was a fantastic cyclist. Vandana encouraged her to participate in the competition. Amir participated and won the competiton and got the prize money. He used that money for his sister’s studies.

  17. Story 1:
    Kiran after coming home from college had a serious discussion with her father. Her father wanted her to study abroad and have better opportunities in life but She wanted to persue her higher studies in India. This made her father upset. She didnt want to disobey her father. She explained that if She is studying in India she will be having better knowledge of her country and can serve the same. She related her situation to the problem of brain drain being faced by the country nowadays which is putting the country in loss. Her father understood her point and allowed her to study in INdia. She completed her course and served the country.

  18. 3rd no. story…
    arlin was a employee in an reputed company and she was in a relationship..once she had to go out of city with her co-workey which annoyed her lover. she came back to meet him but his behaviour startled her.he was talking very rudely. he asked for break-up. and did not want to keep any relationship with her. she made him understand dat it was important for her work and the company as well. she also called her co-worker wid whom she went out. then she fixed it and persuaded her lover..at last her lover gave her a hug and promissed to never behave like that again…..

  19. major khana is soldier in indian army married to sita,at the time kargil war he posted in drass sector of kargil.when he fought against enemy suddenly a bullet was hitted by his stomach and he felled down,some of his collegue admited into armed force medical .in that place her wife joined with him.when her wife saw that situation come out of thr room and stated crying ,major khanna convience her wife and said a soldier’s wife doesn’t for crying even if he die for his nation.after the convience her wife agreed and wooing .when he cured then joined in the INDIAN ARMY…..

  20. 2nd picture story :
    vinay is a elder brother of rani. one day vinay promised to buy and give a bicycle if she gets college first in her 10+2 board exams. vinay brought and gave a bicycle and kept his promise as she topped the college. then she joined in Degree(B.Sc) little far way from home & used to go on bicycle everyday. one day it was her exam day(internal exam) so she started little earlier than as usual. while she was going to college on her way she had seen a group of crowd & traffic jam .she noticed that a school boy had met with a accident & bleeding. she immediately rushed to near my medical store took some first aid kit & given first aid to school boy as there was a traffic jam there is only a small space to move only for bicycles so, she took him in her bicycle to the near by hospital and later intimated to school boy patents & went to the college and given the exam & In evening in return to home she once agian went to hospital with her friends to see theboy(rajesh).

    plz rate this admin

  21. shyamu is elder so of miss radhika ,yesterday while returning from college he show on the way that some evil people are beating an elderly person very brutally.he tried his level best and saved that person from them ,in this process he was injured badly. at home his mother radhika was shocked to see her son injured badly ,but she is a courageous woman she gave primary aid to her son and took care of him through out night and now praying to god to recover her son as soon as possible.

  22. storyyyyyyyy for last picture

    kanishka used to work as a nurse in a arogya medical hospital in pune maharashtra.she was married to a person who was very addicted to alcohol and drugs one day while his husband was comming to home he was beaten up by sum people as he was badly drunk,kanishka found him lying on the ground she quickly give first aid to him stop its bleeding and take him to home and after proper treatment of his wounds make him sleep on the bed. everyday she take care of his husband go to hospital for his work and after cuming gave proper attention to him ,seeing her dedication and care towards him his husband decided to quit all the bad habbits and open a new business with the help of her wife and start earning a good money and live happily.

  23. in the previous ssb i got picture where a canon is placed in the desert
    and a boy is moving away from that canon only back side of that boy is shown
    can anyone assume that situation in mind and make a desirable story…..


    • Maybe you could write about a boy who visited the Longewala battle museum as a school trip, was inspired of the deeds of 120 men who faced thousands of the enemies bravely and fought them off.
      He decided to join the Armed Forces and started preparing for the NDA exam. He bought the study material required, started preparing acc. to a time table, practiced PYQ’s and attempted mock tests. To maintain his weight and stay fit, he started exercising and maintained a strict diet. He took the exam, cleared the SSB and was selected for IMA. He happily set out to NDA with his parents’ blessings.

  24. For 3rd picture,
    sneha is 23 and has jst cmpletd her acting classes from national drama school.She is doing theatre and performs very well.One day,an advertisement for main lead comes in her way,b4 dat,she is asked to give audition.
    She reaches where she is told,and asked to act,in which she has to convince her angry friend who is mad on her becoz she was late.
    She performs very well and is applauded and she gets her major break in a movie

  25. Sir could you also help with women based SRT.
    most of the books have male based SRT where the individual can either overpower the offender or approach the mob diplomatically. As both these option become impractical in case of women how are we (Females) suppose to answer the SRT.
    any help in this regard is welcome.

    • You can start by greeting all candidates and what you have observed in the picture and your perceptions. But though it depends on individual and his/her English speaking skills.

  26. For second story…

    sita was a young girl and her 12 exam were going to take place.she was working hard day and night to seure good marks. 1 day her brother who was just 9 year old came with bleeding legs reason being that his school was very far and he used to walk daily because of which ram legs use to pain badly.sita relized that ram needs a bicycle as he has to cover long distance to school but they belong to poor family so it was difficult to affort.then she heard of a racing comptintion which was going to take place and the winning prize was a bicycle.sita started to prepare hard for the race after all its a matter of a brothers life she should not leave any stone unturned and all possibilities should be covered ” for winning the comptetion parallely with her exam and her hard work paid off and she won the comptetion and also got the best student award for her marks.

    • in this tory u are gving an unnecessary hype to a problem. the cure could b much better and bit a graduate kinda f level.. i feels so.. i had a doubt is it necessary for a grad. to connect the story to his/her proficiency level.. or level of qualification?

  27. For 2nd story
    Sneha who had passed out +2 non medical studies from her village govt. school bodla which was situated 12 km away from Kurukshetra.She wanted to continue studies in B.SC field. She convinced her parents to apply for admission in kurukshetra university.After tough cut off competition she got admission. Seeing her interest towards studies her brother bought her cycle.She was happy that she can help her mother in domestic work by saving her travelling time.She completed her graduation and got admission in same for PG.


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