SSB Medical Tests And Examination For The Army, Navy And Air Force

After the SSB results are declared, the candidates who are recommended have to appear before the medical board, where the medical tests and examinations are conducted. The Military Hospital, related to the Army, Navy or Air Force, usually takes about four or five days for completing the process and the candidates are then allowed to leave. In case of candidates appearing for NDA, they are tested by both the Army and Navy and their fitness status is then endorsed.
Candidates are also allowed to make an appeal regarding the results of the medical examination.A review can be arranged through the guidance of the President of the medical board, according to the medical board procedures. This is in case of appeals for review in case of candidates who have been declared unfit after the medical tests.After the SSB results have been declared, the candidates will have to remain in the Selection centers and they will be provided with new chest numbers for this. They need to maintain proper discipline during the conduct of the medical examination.

The board conducting the medical test consists of male and female doctors and gynecologists and specialists. In case of women candidates, a lady medical officer is present and the entire proceedings are confidential. The aim of the test is to find out if there are any disabilities that could manifest in the future, apart from any current problems. Tests conducted are in the form of blood tests, urine tests, and check up of the eye, ear, throat, nose and an entire external check up. The heart and BMI check up is also done along with urine and dental check up. The blood test identifies transferable diseases and any potential in this regard. Eye check up is done to overrule myopia. In case of IAF, the distant vision must be 6/6 without glasses and for Army and Navy the distant vision must be 6/6, either with glasses or without. The standard for color vision is CP-3 and the candidate must be able to recognize the colors red and green. Myopia should e within 3.5D and this includes Astigmatism.

Physical fitness is a must with the candidates having a height of 157.5 cm at the minimum. In case of the Air Force, the minimum height is 162.5 cm or according to the standard chart of age-height-weight ratio. A minimum height of 5 cms less than this is allowed for Gorkhas and for applicants from the North eastern region. The minimum height for women is 142 cms and weight is 36 kgs at the least. The weight is also checked out at the medical examination. The correct weight is identified according to the standard chart of height, weight and age of the candidate. In case of a boy of 18 years, the minimum weight is 44 kgs with a height of 142.5 cm. In case of a boy of 22 years, the ideal weight should be 55 kg with 173 cms height.

The chest should be well developed and x ray of the chest is compulsorily done. The candidate should not have any bones or joints diseases or any past history of any mental disease, fits and so on. The hearing is also checked and it should be normal. The candidate should be able to hear what is known as a forced whisper from a 610 cms distance under quiet conditions. Tests are done to detect any functional r organic illness of blood vessels and heart and to check whether the blood pressure is normal. There should be no enlargement of liver of spleen. In case of hernia and piles that has not yet been operated, the candidate will be declared as unfit. The urine is checked for any abnormalities, and in case of such abnormalities, the candidate can be rejected. No skin disease is accepted. Dental check up stipulates 14 dental points in case of 32 teeth. Candidates suffering from severe Pyorrhea will be rejected.

It is advisable for candidates who are to appear for the medical test to maintain themselves in good physical condition by regular jogging, sprints, skipping and doing pushups, sit-ups and chin-ups. It is also important to known swimming, as the training Academy will teach them in any case.

Author: Uday Kumar: A retired Naval Officer from the Indian Navy. He blogs at and helps his readers with tips to clear the SSB Interview

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    In case of a boy of 22 years, the ideal weight should be 77 kg with 193 cms height.

  2. · Permalink

    I have a tattoo on left and right wrist.. Will it be any problem during Medicals ??

  3. · Permalink

    In case of a boy of 24 and half with 180 cm heihgt, what will be the ideal weight

  4. · Permalink

    sir my height is 188 cms and age 23 and i am going for air force ground duty.what would be my ideal weight and in air force how much excess weight they tolerate from the standard?

  5. · Permalink

    hi my brother had fracture in his left elbow and got fixed with 8 stiches.
    is there wud be any rejection in medical round for it.
    please reply!

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      i think 6 months should be there between medical exam & fracture then there will be no problem

  6. · Permalink

    I have a very minor squint which isnt identifiable and doesnt occur if I do my eye exercises regularly and get up early. And at times doctors at base hospital couldnt tell i had it when i showed my eyes after having exercised properly.

    The level of squint is very minute and can be corrected as i focus on my finger or any other place. So sir, Do i stand a chance to clear medical board…?

    Waiting for a genuine reply from your side,


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      Yes, according to your statement, you can clear medical for mentioned problem.

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    Sir I got rejected from AFCME on the basis of enlarged liver and spleen..After appeal they have given me the date 19 Oct. 2012. I didn’t suffer from typhoid,malaria and jaundice. Is there any method to cure the enlarged liver or spleen?
    ( I got it checked outside by ultrasound and private doctors tell that liver is totally fit and spleen is borderline.)
    What to do?

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      Go for a good hospital and do all necessary check ups, go for treatment if required also take the report from there. Attend the review medical board .

  8. · Permalink

    i have white spots(vitiligo possibly) over my chin and left knee ,which is non infectious nor fungal disease .i have my ssb on 21 oct 2012 so will this count as an rejection factor in medicals?

  9. · Permalink

    Sir,I have Two Questions
    1–I had ACL reconstruction Surgery 1 Year Ago.I want to know that is There any chances of rejection in Medicals? I want to join Air Force In Aeronautical Engineer Branch.
    2–Is Knock Knee Permissible for the same Branch In Air Force?

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    Sir i have filled all my molars and pre molars i have good anterior teeth can i be rejected in medicals. please answer soon i have AFSB in mysore in november last week

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    I might be appearing for the ssb for the 130th nda course, My height is 179 cm and weight is 71 kgs.. is it normal? Or I need to reduce more?

  12. · Permalink

    Sir my eyesight is it acceptable if i undergo LASIK surgery and bring my eyesight to about -1D..Eagerly waiting for your reply..Thank you

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    sir i had my scaphoid bone fractured in my left wrist and got it operated with a screw inside my scaphoid bone before 3 years…the screw is still inside but i am normal i can lift weights and can do all normal activities with comfort..will this be a reason for a cause of rejection??

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    sir, i had stiches on my right leg ,no fracture due to accident when i m 13 yrs old ,no problem in running also i m sports person .IS THERE CHANCES OF MEDICAL REJECTION.

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    sir what are the chances of rejection in case a candidate couldnt gain the weight in given period of time ???? will he be rejected if he is short of 8 kg ???

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    I what are the tests dine fir head? I have applied fir AFCAT logistics and have cold when I get exposed to morning mist. Also I get headache when I have cold my head was hit to a rod in moving bus. Please guide me


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    sir, i have wrist size of 6’1″ an i have Dental plaque backside of wrist size checked in ssb medical and Dental plaque could be a reason of rejection or not?

  18. pankaj

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    sir, i have 5 teeth with silver fillings can i get rejected in the medials of nda ?

  19. aakash

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    Sir i have scaphoid fracture…do they check it?

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