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SSB Interview Success Mantra (PART-I)

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SSB ASPIRANTS!! This post of Col. Bala Sir is a wake up call to Repeaters and rather an eye opener for to Fresher. It is a check list of traits to be possessed by a Defence Officer. Every candidate is required to repeatedly tell him/herself and implement them in one’s practical own life. Then he/she sees to become a Defence Officer.


  1. I should possess a passion for performance, a drive for achievement & a deep sense of commitment to the task assigned.
  2. My speech should be rational, logical and appealing.
  3. I should display a high sense of responsibility, take initiate and meaningful effort
  4. I should be very co-operative, warm, friendly and flexible.
  5. I should argue well with ease, confidence and conviction.
  6. My approach should have excellent logic and reasoning.
  7. I will meet all challenges boldly and confidently.
  8. I should be resourceful, tackle complex problems and situations in a competent manner.
  9. I should be very strong and powerful, capable of becoming constructive leadership.
  10. I should project my case forcefully and convincingly advancing logical and coherent arguments.
  11. I should be very candid and reveal with moral courage to stand by my convictions.
  12. I should have an analytical and result oriented approach and choose the path which could lead me to chosen goal.
  13. I should not yield to pressures and possess the stamina and determination to persist with my efforts.
  14. I am to be relied upon to deliver the goods.
  15. I should possess ability to perceive the major issues with clarity and make my mind firmly in deciding the priority.

In a Nutshell: One should improve his/her behaviour and attitude towards life, one must follow a discipline in life and improve OLQs required in an officer.

Author: Lt. Col. Bala (Rtd.) : He is a Retd. Col from Indian Army,director of Shankar’s SSB Academy, with an excellent track record with his coaching academy. Visit Shankar’s Academy Here
The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.



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  1. Sir I am failed in my BSc Ist year exam back years ago but now I complete my BSc this year .am I eligible 4 CDSE Examination ? Or I am eligible 4 ssb? Sir can this failure year does not permit me 4 apply of CDSE?

  2. Hi

    You will happy to know that their is no percentage required to appear for TGC.
    But, their are certain conditions:
    -> You should not have any year down.
    -> You should not have any backlog at the time for appearing for SSB.
    -> And the time of joining you should have degree of B.E./B.Tech.
    So go get it. 😉


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