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Tips For GTO Task In SSB Interview

gto tasks
GTO consist of different tasks which are mostly performed with other group members. Candidates must listen to all instructions and adhere to them as mentioned by group task officers. One must show OLQs while performing different GTO tasks. Preparation for GTO  may help during actual ground tasks in ssb interview.

Here we have following Do’s and Don’ts for GTO task

Do’s in GTO tasks

  • Have adequate awareness general/current affairs.
  • Perceive the problem posed correctly and assimilate all details.
  • Be quick enough to think and write solutions.
  • Solution must be logical and realistic.
  • Be spontaneous and forthright in expressing yourself, participate actively.
  • In outdoor tasks, be energetic, participate and contribute to the group activities.
  • Understand the requirement of the task, plan and try to evolve/ suggest workable ideas.
  • Keep the group aim in mind.
  • Be confident and develop perseverance in pursuing the aim/goal.
  • Be effective in communication skill.
ssb interview gto task
Don’t in GTO tasks.
  • Do not limit oneself to one type of media and explore various type of media to acquire knowledge/awareness. 
  • Don’t try to put pre-conceived knowledge/ideas, utilize them to generate own ideas.
  • Don’t sit back and wait for opportunity to come back your way, grab the opportunity.
  • Don’t shut out others ideas.  
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