Do We Need SSB Interview Coaching Part II

In our previous post we have discussed about whether candidate must take SSB interview training or not, we have gathered experts advice on the role of SSB coaching and why SSB coaching is important for a candidate. This post is written by Lt Col. P. Balasubramanian  (Retd) (Ex-Psychologist).

The candidates are tested in the following aspects in the SSB:

  1. Tests of Procedural assessment
  2. Tests of Psychological assessment

Tests of Procedural Assessment

 These candidates get themselves rejected due to not following the procedural requirements of SSB such as:
1.       GTO Tests
a.       Lecture session : not able to speak for 3 minutes
b.      GD,GPE & other Group Tasks : No participation /presentation and do not show leadership qualities
c.       Individual obstacles : Able to do only few
2.       Psycho Tests
a.       Attending only few (words / pictures / situations) thus not giving enough opportunity to assess a candidate adequately by the Psychologist.
3.       Personal Interview
a.        Not able to present oneself or properly communicate thus restricting the IO of correct evaluation of a candidate
Suggestion: These initially rejected candidates normally analyse & rectify their mistakes and get themselves selected as repeaters. Hence these candidates do not require SSB coaching.

Tests of Psychological Assessment

SSB aspirants are classified in 3 categories:
  • Category 1: These candidates borne as officers with required OLQ
    • Suggestion – They do not require any SSB coaching
  • Category 2: These candidates possess required OLQ, but live with suppressed OLQ & overcome by negative OLQ due to bad environmental factors / society.
    • Suggestion – They may or may not require SSB coaching. The “may not” candidates get selected in the SSB due to self-rectification of their OLQ by repeated attempts or borrowed OLQ knowledge from various sources.
  • Category 3: These candidates live with few weak OLQ.
    • Suggestion – They cannot be selected, unless their weak OLQ are corrected by a Defence Psychologist by proper guidance / coaching.
Note:Normally 5 or 6 times & above Conference out candidates fall under this category


  • Lt Col P Balasubramanian (Retd), Shankars SSB Academy, Salem
  • (Tamilnadu), P: 097894991947, Web :,
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Author: Lt. Col. Bala (Rtd.): He is a Retd. Col from Indian Army, director of Shankar’s SSB Academy, with an excellent track record with his coaching academy. Visit Shankar’s Academy Here

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