Importance Of SSB Interview Training by Col. Kataria

Importance Of SSB Interview Training by Col. Kataria

Training is very important, before I explain reasons; we must understand the concept of selection. Selection is based on behavior  through behavior we assess personality of an individual. While assessing the personality we focus on 15 officers like qualities.

1. Every individual possesses these qualities but scale or levels vary from individual to individual. During the course of SSB, through various tests you have to project or express your qualities or you have to tell assessor that I have these qualities in me. If you are not able to project yourself, how will the assessor know that you possess 15 officer like qualities?

2. So, training is important. If provided by right person. Training helps in:

  • You learn the art of expressing or projecting your qualities through – verbal expression, body language and actions. And also nature of various tests is such that you do not come to know about your performance. So it’s important that you should follow right approach for right test which can be learnt through training.
  • You come to know your weaknesses. If you know your weaknesses then only you can improve.
  • When you go through the practice tests the familiarity with SSB environment increases which helps in gaining confidence, enhances your performance.
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3. Second important issue is, human being has different state of mind i.e. conscious or semi- conscious or unconscious. These states of mind make him behave in different manner. Therefore, various tests used in different techniques assesses how are you behaving in different state of mind. To know your acceptable behavior it can only be achieved by good quality of training.

4. Thirdly, you hear different point of view from untrained people which leads to forming myths or wrong opinion about selection system and you create wrong opinion about your own capability which results into poor performance.

5. Fourthly, where ever you take coaching you make sure that you are trained by ex-assessor.

6. Training makes sure that you start believing in your own capabilities and you start knowing what my goal is and what my role is.

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Author: Col. Kataria, Sena Medal
Col Kataria has served in all premier institutes of Indian Army i.e. Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, Psychologist, 14 SSB Allahabad and Recruitment Directorate (Officer Selection), RK Puram, New Delhi.

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