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Family Background, Does It Really Matter? – By Col. Kataria

Family background does it really matter? Yes, it is a value addition in some cases. Aspect of family background is always perceived to be major block in the mind of aspiring candidates appearing in SSB.  Candidates always assume and discuss that family background is one of the major consideration in candidate’s selection or rejection in the SSB. This issue always has pre-conceived negative impact on state of mind of candidates for those who are from lower financial and educational background.  In my view, it is more of myth than reality.

  • Self esteem and confidence is key to success in SSB and aspect of family background is one of the key contributors towards self-confidence among candidates. Therefore, there is a need to remove thought from mind that candidates from lower background have less chances of recommendation, whereas, it always has positive impact during selection process.
  • What role does family background play? As far as selection process concern, family background plays an important role in predicting  the future desired level of candidates, this input is used by an assessor in awarding trainability marks which implies that after giving the right environment and training to candidate how much scope is there for improvement. During SSB, candidates are judged on demonstrated performance that helps the assessor in assessing his present level and accordingly trainability marks are added to his present level of marks to decide his suitability for the organization. Decision of how much marks to be awarded would vary from candidate to candidate and to award these marks, number of factors are considered but out of all background is one of the major factors which in turn plays key role thereby candidate from lower financial and education  background  always has edge over candidates from good background having same present level in  getting extra marks.
    Family Background - Does It Really Matter
  • Another important issue is filling of PIQ form, where candidates shows casual attitude. This form is one of the most important document based on which interviewing officer frames questions which are to be asked and  psychologist obtain useful input from it hence, candidates must fill in correct and complete details about his background.
  • My sincere advice to candidates is to concentrate on enhancing their qualities and knowledge rather develop inferiority complex about issues like education, academic performance, financial status or background which are fact of life and cannot be altered by any chance at this stage.  Work hard on your weaknesses and achieve your goal.
Col. Kulwant Kataria
Col. Kulwant Katariahttp://ssmentors.com/
Col Kataria has served in all premier institutes of Indian Army i.e. Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, Services Selection Centre, Allahabad and Recruitment Directorate (Officer Selection), RK Puram, New Delhi.
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