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AFSB Interview Instructions and Procedure

AFSB interview is conducted by Indian Air Force and there is not much difference between AFSB and SSB interview. If you are going to attend AFSB interview and need some information regarding how you should proceed for AFSB interview, this post will help you.

The attached call letter is the authority for you to report at the Board for interview. The same is to be handed over to the Board on your arrival. You must report for the interview on the date and time as specified in the Call Letter. Late comers, on any account (inclusive of late running of trains) will not be admitted for
tests. A representative in Air Force uniform will meet you at the Railway Station and escort you to the Selection Board.

Boarding and lodging

Free boarding and lodging will be provided during your stay at the Board. Those candidates who arrive before the date and time indicated in the call letter will have to make their own arrangements. Parents/guardians accompanying the candidates will have to make their own arrangements.

2 AFSB Mysore

Selection Procedure

The testing schedule is in two phases and normally for a period of five to six days depending upon the contingencies and will be as follows:


  • Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) would be conducted for recommended candidates who are eligible and have opted for Flying Branch.
  • Phase ‘1’ tests comprising of Officers Intelligence Rating Test (OIR) followed by Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT) would be conducted on Day ‘1’ and only those who qualify in Phase-I tests will be retained at AFSB for further testing in Phase-II.
  • Some of the Group Tests demand active physical participation from which no exemption is permissible.

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You are advised to bring the following items:

  • One pair of White Shirt/ T-Shirt, Shorts/ Trouser/ Track Suit/ Salwar kameez, Socks and a pair of white sports shoes.
  • Adequate writing material (lnk/ baIl point pens, blue/ black ink and lead pencils).
  • Clothing, according to season.
  • Medium size locks to safeguard your personal luggage.

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Traveling Allowance(TA) in AFSB Interview

Traveling Allowance by the shortest route for Sleeper Class Mail/ Express Trains to and fro for the journey from the place of Call Up or departure (whichever is nearer) is admissible. Change of address, if any, must be intimated to the Board well before your arrival. You shall furnish the railway ticket/bus ticket to the Board, failing which no TA will be paid. For all other modes of travel, TA will be admissible as per the government authorized rules. No TA is admissible, if you have already appeared for earlier AFCAT Entries at any of the Air Force Selection Boards.

Medical examination after AFSB Interview

Recommended candidates for the Flying Branch will be required to proceed for medical examination for duration of four to seven days to Air Force Central Medical Establishment, New Delhi or Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Bangalore. It may be noted that the Air Force Medical Board/ Services Medical Board is the final authority while deciding the medical fitness for joining the Indian Air Force/ Army/ Navy. You are advised to see the details about Medical Standards on our website, www.careerairforce.nic.in.


Your conduct and behaviour during your stay at the Board is expected to be disciplined and orderly. Any act of indiscipline or misconduct will lead to cancellation of your candidature. In all matters pertaining to indiscipline and/ or misconduct, the decision of the President of the Board shall be final and no appeal
against his decision will be entertained. Should you try and influence any member of the Board directly or indirectly, your candidature will be cancelled.


No facility exists at the Board for safe custody of cash and valuables. Therefore, do not bring any valuables or excess money. Candidates are not permitted to carry their mobile phones, laptops and cameras inside the
Selection Board premises.


You should withhold your move, in case you have a relative, who is a member of the Board. Inform us the particulars of the person concerned immediately and await further instructions.
All correspondences with regard to this Call letter should be addressed to the President of the Board giving full details, including AFCAT Number and Roll No. Request for second call is not normally entertained except on extremely compassionate grounds or as per the selection schedule being followed by the Board.
Note. These instructions are general in nature. The instructions contained in the advertisement for your course and call letter will be binding in determining your candidature for test and interview. In all matters, the decision of Air Force authority shall be final.
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  1. I’ve cleared AFCAT my ssb is in sept. i have an aggregate of 59.2% . but the eligibility criteria is 60%.

    this eligibility criteria makes a confusion as is it 60% till the completion of degree, or till the date of ssb


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