Recent SSB Interview Questions By IO

During your personal interview, you may face several questions from interviewing officer; some questions are general which everyone has to face. Other questions like general awareness or on personal life, depends on what you have written on your PIQ form and how or what you’re answering. Aspirants, here are some of the SSB interview questions which were recently asked in the SSB interview by the IO.

Recent SSB Interview Questions

  1. Meaning of your name, good and bad qualities of family members.
  2. If you have done Graduation in some discipline then why you want to leave that field and enter into a field(defense) where much of your knowledge will not be used(like if you have done B.Sc. IT or B.Tech Computer or BCA)
  3. Your reason for joining the forces (practical reason they want and not typical answers like uniform or passion etc.)
  4. View about Indo-Pak Relations.
  5. Reasons and views on fall of currency value in India.
  6. How you prepared for SSB.
  7. Does taking coaching or following a website dedicated to SSB helps?
  8. Technical field Candidates are asked about RADAR technologies and other technical questions related to their subject.
  9. What do you know about Airforce, Army, Navy (new knowledge other than commands, ranks etc.).
  10. Difference between a fighter and an attack plane.
  11. About AWACS.
  12. About issues in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Israel, Afghanistan.
  13. Recent Defense deals and up gradations.
  14. If you were made the prime minister of India what will you do regarding Pakistan Issue.
  15. Augusta West land chopper scam.
Hope these questions are helpful for you. From these you can get some idea on the type of questions you may face during your personal interview.
Please share personal interview question faced by you recently, in the comment box below.