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10 Special Questions Asked In SSB Interview

As the interview lasts for 30 to 45 minutes or more it is sufficient time to ask questions from various parts of the candidate's life.


The interview is a general conversation between the candidate and interviewing officer. The majority of questions in the interview are from the PIQ form. The ultimate aim of the interview is to assess the leadership or OLQs of a candidate. The IO tries to evaluate the training potential of a candidate. As the interview lasts for 30 to 45 minutes or more it is sufficient time to ask questions from various parts of the candidate’s life.

Most of the questions are prior known to us because of the material available to us and thanks to this portal, but sometimes candidates face some spontaneous questions, I term these questions as “special questions”.  Sometimes answering these quick questions appropriately can help in showing a good presence of mind. I tried to collect this kind of question from aspirants who have faced interviews at different boards and as well as from my own experience. I have tried to enlist some of them:

  1. Which is your favorite state in south India? And when you name any of them next question is give 5 recent news related to that state?
  2. Which movie you watched last in theater with friends? Who were actor, director and actress?
  3. How many social media friends you have? Do you know all of them personally?
  4. Which magazine do you like? Tell me about most recent article you read from that magazine?
  5. What is your routine during weekends?
  6. If you don’t drink, how you adjust with your friends in parties? And in the profession you are opt most of the officers drink, then how you will adjust? And if you drink which is your favorite brand?
  7. What are qualities that you have but your father don’t have?
  8. Utilization of pocket money or salary, how much you spend on yourself?
  9. Any disagreement you had with friends, and how did you solve it?
  10. Any mischief you and your friends did in college? Describe.
  11. What are dimensions of this room?
  12. Give an example when you were in problem and your friends helped you?

Friends every SSB is a new opportunity to learn analyze and correct our approach. All such questions are to check our observations and presence of mind. Any question can be handled if the mind is cool and calm at that time. Confidence, smile, being attentive and good command over language is key for making the mind respond appropriately. The best way to achieve this is to inculcate these things in day to day life.

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.



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