Indian Navy UES Preliminary Campus Interview 2016

UES entry -this type of entry are usually for pre final and final year engineering student. On 17th September 2014, I went for preliminary SSB interview ( at k.j  somaiya ,vidhyavihar  Mumbai). Around  9.30 am all the officer where present at the placement cell of  college were we were called.

There were only three officer for interview process  for different branch.
  • Lt commander Pundit-( for mechanical branch)
  • Lt commander Oka-( for electrical branch)
  • (I don’t remember the name of other)
Indian Navy UES Campus Interview Questions 2013

Navy UES Group Discussion

Initially, they give us a brief introduction about Indian navy following motivational lecture. Our GD start at 10.30am sharp ,they have made a batch of 10 student each . Before our GD start, interviewer officer made us understand about the topic and what we have to talk in the GD.

Our topic was “advantage and disadvantage of social networking sites”. GD started and ends, and out 10 students, only 6 students were able to clear. It was easy to clear as interviewer was looking the way you talk and not what you talk; some unwanted people also got selected in GD.

Navy UES Personal Interview

  • My turn came around 5.30pm
  • I=may I come in sir?
  • Inter=come in.
  • I=good afternoon, sir.
  • Inter=not replied.
  • I= (wished again and asked) may I have seat sir?
  • Inter=yes.
  • Inter=how many student left for interview?
  • I=sir, 8 to 9 (interviewer looks frustrated).
  • Inter=tell me about yourself .
  • I=myself, ajaykumar saini, pursuing …………………………………etc.
  • Inter=tell me about your family.
  • I=I have 2 brother and both are in 12th std…..mother….father ……..etc.
  • Inter=tell me how does radar work?
  • I=answered well.
  • Inter=tell me the full form of radar.
  • I=answered well.
  • Inter=tell me about thyrester.
  • I=not answered (I said straight forward sir, I don’t know)
  • Inter=tell me about OSI model.
  • I=answered very well.
  • Inter= tell me the network topology.
  • I = answered very well.
  • Inter=tell me about signal conditioning.
  • I=( In mind, hurt for  first time)  not answered (and gain I said straight forward  sir, I don’t know)
  • Inter=how many state are in India?
  • I = answered very well
  • Inter=why?
  • I=answered well about Telagana and reason about it.
  • Inter=what is bios?
  • I=answered.
  • Inter=where sonar is used and full form?
  • I=not answered well as he was bombarding with question on me.
  • Inter=draw NAND gate.
  • I=drawn.
  • Interviewer-where it is used?
  • I=answered.
  • Inter=ok, thank you.
  • I=shocked (as my interview was shortest of all it last about only 10 min and others nearby 30-40 min)
  • I=thank u, sir.
Preliminary SSB Interview for Indian Navy UES 2014

Many question were with my friends, example are below

  1. Draw the map of India and plot it,
  2. Who is prime minister and president of Bhutan,china,japan,sir lanka,south Africa and many others  ?
  3. Capital of all state of India.
  4. Tell me five state of South Africa and name capital of each.
  5. Name the different river and state form which they are originate.
I was very clear in interview, when I was able to answer . I was straight forward and said sir, I don’t know. During interview, interviewer seems to be frustrated because there were only three officers for interview process and students were nearby 70.
As I was very confident and my voice level were up to  the mark during interview , then also in mixed feeling as my interview was shortest of all. Overall it was a great experience and made some new friends and I was never nervous during interview. Now fingers crossed for getting short listed for ssb.
Don’t be nervous in GD and try to speak at least 3 times. You can speak in hindi and English both languages were allowed, but better to stick with English. Before coming for ues campus interview specially for  Indian navy plzz clear your basic technical subject concept specially of radar for electronic and Telecommunication, for pure electronic student ,diode , rectifier, thyrester etc  and for general knowledge go through all capital of  Indian state and  capital of all. Countries which are around India and prime minister and president of all the countries, in short, fit the world map in your brain.

Thank you every one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hope it will help you in upcoming interview.

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 About Author: Ajay Kumar Myself, Ajay Kumar Saini appearing in final year of engineering from Mumbai university, branch electronics and telecommunication. My main aim is to serve my country with pride and honor, it may be through Defence, Social service or through Civil services.

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