Preparing for AFSB Interview

AFSB is nothing but SSB for the Airforce. AFSB stands for Air Force Selection Board and has four selection centers, 1AFSB Dehradun, 2AFSB Mysore, 3AFSB Gandhinagar and 4AFSB Varanasi. In order to get commissioned as an Airforce Officer you have to give your SSB at one of these centers. Since AFCAT 2 is over and many of you would be sure of getting above the cutoff marks keeping in mind the previous cutoff percentage. So why not start preparing for the AFSB from now only, since it is a time consuming job.

To begin with let’s see what all you need to prepare.

Communication Skills

This is very important part of AFSB. You need to have a good communication skill in order to speak in a large group in discussions, in the personal Interview and also in order to interact with your group mates. Since SSB requires a huge amount of social adaptability hence you must be good enough in interacting with other and communicating your ideas to them. You must start practicing speaking in English.
Psychological aspects and your speed of response: You need to be really fast in your thinking process in order to do the best in TAT, WAT and SRT. So you need to start building that habit from now onwards. Take sample tests from which ever source you can say for example SSBCrack has ample number of Sample practice series for TAT, WAT and SRT.

Physical Fitness

You must start practicing running, jogging and mild cardio exercises in order to increase stamina and physical endurance. This will not only improve your physical appearance but will make you look fit. Also this will help you in enduring the long sessions of tasks done in the GTO series at a go. It also helps you to maintain a good body posture which is very important in AFSB. The way you sit, the way you walk everything counts hence be straight while walking and sitting and do not slouch.

General Awareness

You need to definitely have a good general awareness like the issues of national and international importance. Especially the issues related to Pakistan, Middle East, West Asia and China. You must be aware with all the things that led to the problems and the whole history of the problems which are currently occurring the world. You must also have strong views about certain problems and views can be made only if you knowledge about that particular problem in depth.

You and Your Family

You must be aware about the work of your family members and their good and bad qualities same applies to your friends. You must have details of job you parents or siblings are in. You need to know about yourself in depth, your likes, dislikes, good and bad qualities, reason of joining Air force. If you have a certain hobby or like to play a game you must be aware about it fully. If you have played something on some good level then you are expected to know about the rules in detail and about major tournaments and players of that sport. You should be aware of your percentage in 10th, 12th, UG and PG. You must also be having good knowledge about you subject studied in the Graduation, B.Tech etc.

Airforce Awareness

You need to know some basic things about Airforce like its commands, ranks and aircrafts and missiles. If any of your family members is in Airforce then you are expected to know in much greater details. Don’t forget to read about recent Defense deals and defense up gradations.
These are a few things you need to start preparing for improving your chances at the AFSB. Remember practice makes everybody perfect hence keep practicing will full dedication.
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  1. James Maverick

    · Permalink

    Can anyone please specify the exact details regarding eyesight power(like -5.5D) allowed in technical branch in IAF since am selected for AFSB and am wearing spectacles?

  2. aparna trivedi

    · Permalink

    I m aparna …my afsb is on 16th dec 2013 ..anyone from bhopal?

  3. Garima Shukla

    · Permalink

    hey m AFSB s on 3 Mar ’14 at varanasi, so i suppose u all can give brief about AFSB procedure in detail as most of u hav in nov dec

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