What Not To Do At SSB Interview

Well without saying much I would just like to come to the point, many things have been written about what to do and pass the SSB. Here is a list of what not to do while you are in SSB.


What not to do at SSB
  1. It is said that do not lie. I agree with that but for something’s where we have to lie, for example you like to stay up till late and then sleep late, but of course you can’t tell or reveal this in SSB, in the interview. So in such situations you have to lie. So I would like to say that lie but lie smartly, a lie which doesn’t gets caught is not a lie! But since you are going to be an officer truthfulness is expected so try not to lie, try changing your bad habits and adapting good things thus making yourself a positive person overall.
  2. Do not act like superman/superwomen. This means showing off unnecessarily, dominating in GD’s, climbing on every balli and phatta you come across. This might seem funny but sometimes in excitement we tend to do these things. Watch your actions very carefully and act in a balanced manner. Speak in a controlled but firm manner and give everybody an equal chance in GD and PGT etc.
  3. Whatever happens try not to breakdown in the interview. Many times the interviewer speaks in rude or very firm manner, which you might think is an insult to you. There are people who are told that they didn’t prepare anything and thus insulting in that way. You don’t have to break down on such instances, just remind yourself that it is just a test and everything is being done to check how strong you are. So you have to remain strong. There are some personal or family issues as well which might make you cry but try to be back to normal as soon as possible. All is well!!
  4. Doing extra buttering to your group mates in your room will not make them call you in the command task. Group is very important in most tasks because co-operation is needed. Many candidates literally try fixing the command task, this means asking others that please call me in the command task and please let me speak in the GD. They will call you only if you are strong; show it by your performance rather than asking them and pleading them.
  5.  Do not look lazy at all. This means that you must walk talk and sit straight. Look enthusiastic towards the task you will automatically find interest in the tasks and activities.
  6. Getting too friendly with the interviewing officer will make you blabber everything about yourself. It is not wise to make yourself open like a book, so be conscious about what are you revealing. Hence do not get too friendly with the IO, remember they are trained to smile.
  7. You are there to be a part of the prestigious institution of Defence. Do not criticize about anything, to anyone.

What do you think about these points, do write your comments in the section below.

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    thanks a lot..it will surely help to all the aspirants

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    thank u for u’r guidelines 🙂 i’ll keep it in mind…..

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    its really useful…..thanks a lot………!!!!!!

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    thank you so much i will take care of this

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