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Common Mistakes during SSB Interview

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Common Mistakes during SSB Interview

SSB Interviews are the most important part of the selection procedure. In this procedure the candidates are interviewed by a high ranked Officer. The usual interviews duration ranges from about forty-five minutes to one hour. In this interview, the officer asks many questions to the candidates ranging from general knowledge to the candidates personal life. One must remain confident and genuine throughout this process.

People make various mistakes which could be easily avoided. These mistakes include:

Common Mistakes during SSB Interview

  1. Your dressing sense: One must wear formal clothes during this process. Jeans and casual t-shirts should be avoided. Preference should be given to formal pants and shirts. Low waist jeans and other casual ‘stuff’ should be avoided.  Wear clothes that reflect your stronger side not those which show how ‘cool’ you are. Walk in smartly and wish the Office. DO NOT SIT DOWN unless the officer asks you.
  2. Nervousness: Avoid nervousness and remain calm in every situation. The officer wants to see how you handle every question and sometimes sarcasm by the Interviewing Officer. Do not breakdown or cry in front of the Officer. Do not be shy.
  3. Extra Talkativeness: Do not be over talkative. Only answer those questions which the Officer asks. Don’t tell your whole story in every question instead be precise and up to the point. I’ve heard people being over friendly with the officer and asking him question about his journey in the forces and how he got selected etc. Avoid such questions and behavior.
  4. Be Genuine: This is the most important part. Always be true in whatever you answer to the officer. People try to be fake in front of the officer by saying that they are involved in many activities like taking tuitions or playing some sport. The problem arises when you are asked about your daily routine, and your answer doesn’t include any such activity. So, don’t try to be someone you’re not and answer the questions genuinely and with full confident. Try not to use bookish language or idealistic thoughts any time. Be Practical.
  5. Know about Yourself: There are many questions about your personal life and the life of people around you. Know about the profession of your parents and your siblings. You shouldn’t insult your parent’s profession. I knew a guy who, when asked about his father’s profession, replied in an insulting manner that his father owned a small scale newspaper factory. Of course he was rejected.
  6. Speaking: You should always use English language. You must be fluent in English speaking and your voice should be always easily audible. Your tone and manner of speaking should be correct and should never be insulting. Don’t use foreign or fake accent. People sometimes do use fake accent but it sound really bad.
  7. Body posture: Sit straight in the chair with your palms resting on your thighs.  Don’t be sluggish and don’t bend forward or backwards. Don’t always look towards the door. The officer may shake hands with you; give him a tight and cheerful handshake. Always wear a smile on your face and don’t show signs of nervousness on your face and always remain calm and composed.
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  1. Regarding the use of english, i know people who gave the full interview in hindi….n got recommended… U shud speak the truth…thats it…english really dsnt matter.


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