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Tips for Progressive Group Task

Tips for Progressive Group Task

Progressive Group Task or PGT is the first field exercise in the Group Task Series. This task forms an opinion of yours on the GTO and in other tasks you are judged based on this opinion. As the saying goes that first impression matters a lot so is the case with this task. Thus it is an important task. In PGT you are required to cross a piece of land on which structures are built and colored with different colors. There are certain rules associated with this task. Such as Group rule, color rule, Rule of infinity, Rule of rigidity, Jump rule etc. You have to do this exercise in a group and you are also provided with some helping material.

Along with the helping material you are provided with a load to be carried with you. The helping material can be rope, plank of wood and a log of wood. The idea behind this exercise is to check your practical working sense. In real life situations military men are expected to form bridges with minimal things and cross the space between two mountains or any such real time crisis things, such as at times of floods (Uttarakhand floods are the recent examples). PGT aims to check how practical and also enthusiastic you are. At the same time your leadership skills and your ability to take risks and motivate the group also counts. In addition to that it is also seen that how quick and feasible your ideas are and much you adhere to the rules.

Tips for Progressive Group Task
Progressive Task During GTO

You can know more about what PGT is by referring to the detailed article on the same from our website. For now let us see the important tips which may help you in performing better in PGT:
  1. Work with mind; make such bridges which can sustain without applying any manpower on them. Concepts of simple lever and cantilever come handy in these situations.
  2. A good leader leads by example hence come forward and do the work instead of ordering something. Come in front and make the bridge, but do not fight for it with anybody say politely that you have got an idea and would like to implement it.
  3. Be the one to test the bridge. Do not hesitate in going on the bridge once the bridge is made cross it and motivate others to do the same. Even if the bridge will break you’ll not get injured severely, have the attitude of taking risks.
  4. Do not forget the load and other helping material.
  5. Shouting on a group member will not fetch you any marks instead it’ll go against you. Be calm and cool.
  6. Be energetic and motivate others, help the weak members to cross the bridge if they are hesitating. You work doesn’t gets over when you cross the area; your work is to help the whole group in crossing.
  7.  Do not unnecessarily help others in crossing the bridge help only when you genuinely feel that they require, otherwise just motivate them by your words. Doing unnecessary help also doesn’t create a very good impression.
  8. Keep the rules in mind and when you break any do the corrections do not try to hide your mistake. Truthfulness is the biggest virtue of an officer.
  9. Motivate the group to do the work fast and quick.
  10. Think that the GTO is not present and don’t look at him while working, however when he interrupts and speaks something stop the work in hand immediately and listen to him attentively.
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