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Progressive Group Task (PGT) Rules

This is the first outdoor task in the GTO series. In this task certain obstacles are given and you have to progress from one obstacle to another as a group. In this task there 3-4 obstacles which a group has to cross following certain rules and carrying a load with them.

Progressive Group Task (PGT) Procedure

Generally after explaining the whole procedure the GTO will ask the group that how much time they will need to complete the task and then he gives about 40-45 minutes. The obstacles are nothing but a certain area is marked by a start line and a finish line and the ground between these two lines is considered as out of bound area since you have to cross this out of bound area which is about 10-15 feet. Since you have to cover this distance without stepping on ground thus it becomes an obstacle but you are provided with some helping material to facilitate the crossing also some structures are placed in between to facilitate bridging.
Progressive Group Task (PGT) Rules
These helping material can be a wooden plank (5-6 feet long), balli, rope and also you have to carry the load with you which is in form of a drum or barrel. You are also expected to follow certain rules which are as follows:
  • Group Rule: This rule implies that all the members of a group must have crossed an obstacle before moving to the next one. Since in this exercise candidates can move one by one only there will be some who cross first and others who cross late. Therefore you must make sure that all of you have crossed. Secondly by group here we mean the whole group, the living and the non-living ones both, because your group consists of all the members hence don’t forget to take the helping material as well.
  • Distance Rule: This rule says that no member of the group can jump directly more than a distance of 3-4 feet. Hence the distance of more than 3-4 feet must be bridged and not jumped. Thus if you see that the distance between the start line and the first structure to be of 5 feet you must not jump even if you are capable of doing so, you must bridge the distance between it.
  • Color Rule: This rule implies that the structures placed in the out of bound area if it is painted white, is inbound for candidates and the helping material & the load as well. This means it can be touched by the three. If it is painted Red then it is out of bound for all the three i.e. nobody can touch it neither the group nor the helping material or the load. If it is painted blue then it can be touched or is inbound for the living members of the group i.e. candidates and out of bound i.e. can’t be touched by the non-living members i.e. the helping material and the load.
  • Rule of Rigidity: This rule says that no two rigid materials can be tied together for making an extension. Since rigid materials are normally the ballis and planks hence this rule means you can’t tie them together. However you can keep one on top of another and also can tie them to the structure.

You must keep these rules in mind to do the PGT Progressive Group Task efficiently.

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