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Progressive Group Task and How to tackle it

Progressive Group Task PGT, consists of a number of obstacles which are generally four in number which progressively become difficult. PGT is about set of obstacles in ground in a specified area in that you and your team members should cross each obstacle defined by set of rules.  Also while crossing those obstacles we should carry a load.  To cross those obstacles, some helping materials are given by the G.T.O.  i.e. Balli (wooden log), Plank, and rope to tie these. The difficulty of the task increases from one obstacle to another in a progressive manner.  So it is named as Progressive Group Task.

Aim of PGT

It is to test the practical ability and intelligence of a candidate in negotiating simple obstacles with a group of persons within fixed time. It is a leaderless exercise. The GTO checks for three qualities in PGT – ability to find out some quick solution using practical intelligence, secondly ability to make constructive suggestions to influence the group and thirdly, ability of association with the group.
Each candidate’s leadership qualities, ability to carry on with his team, co-operation with team members, planning ability and physical endurance is put to test in PGT.

PGT Progressive Group Task
Progressive Group Task


PGT Rules:

  • Group Rule: The entire group has to tackle the group obstacles before moving for the next obstacle.
  • The out of bounds area just as other Group tasks.
  • Color Rule: Red is out of bound for both men and material, yellow color is out of bound for material and white color is inbound for both.

 Hints for Tackling PGT:

  • Listen to the instructions of the GTO carefully.
  • While the GTO is explaining the obstacle to the group, start planning in your mind.
  • Must know how to make bridges with planks.
  • Follow the out of bounds rule and Group rule strictly.
  • If you have ample confidence that your plan works well, have the first opportunity to explain your plan and put across your views firmly.
  • If you have no idea of tackling the obstacle, be a faithful follower and if your group is caught in an obstacle, make use of the Golden opportunity and explain a constructive plan to negotiate the obstacle. Remember, never try to impose yourself to the group. Let the group be depended on you.
  • The GTO is not testing whether you can cross the obstacle alone. It is a group work and you have to act as such. Show maximum team spirit and co-operation.
  • It is for you to become the leader of the Group. An avenue for leadership is opened to you and you must make use of it. Practical intelligence, dashing spirit, sociability, dominating nature and of course your personal magnetism will make you the leader
  • Most importantly, never look at the GTO while crossing the obstacles.
  • Keep up your speed while crossing the obstacles .Race against time and finish the job at a hurricane speed.
  • Do not look fatigued. Crossing the obstacles should not make you tired .Look yourself fresh .Show coolness. This shows that you are confident.
  • PGT is a test where you can show your perseverance. If by trying an idea, you have not succeeded, you may try another plan and negotiate the obstacle.
  • Be gentle and polite while behaving with other group members.
  • Always have a gentle smile at your face throughout the GTO Tasks which shows that you are confident.
  • Please keep the interest of the group above your own interest. It is always better to admit your mistakes and never blame your group members for a shortcoming.
The GTO is testing the important OLQ’S in an officer and his eyes will be constantly observing every candidates .Be yourself in the group tasks and show leadership qualities throughout the task and your practical intelligence.
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