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AFCAT 2014 Exam Tips

AFCAT 2014 Exam Tips

As we all know AFCAT is scheduled to be held on 23rd of this month. In this article of mine, I have tried to specifically mention the topics which have highest probability to cover this year question paper. My research and analysis of previous year question papers and cut offs have made me to come to this conclusion that, AFCAT questions are generally very easy to solve provided one has a basic elementary English/Science & mathematics knowledge. Even if one is not strong in fundamentals, a last few minute revise can make a difference.

AFCAT 1 2014 Result is Out Now

Talking about mathematics, I would suggest the aspirants to go through the formulas and tricks for topics specially:
  • Percentage/ratio
  • Profit and loss
  • Involution
  • Simple interest/compound interest
  • Work /energy
These 5 topics covers about 97% of the total questions in mathematics asked in AFCAT during the last 3years.
  • In case of ratio, remember important derivatives like if a:b,b:c given then value of a:b:c and similar forms.
  • In case of profit & loss, learn formulas for sp, c.p, m.p, successive discount, error% etc.
  • For eg successive discount= a+b+ab/100 note here the sign for digits will be negative since a discount refers to deduction in amount.
  • In involution, learn derivatives for cubic terms like A cube + B cube etc.
  • In simple interest and C.I general formulas are needed. Same is for work force. Remember practice questions based on canisters/buckets/pipes.
  • For science, I would suggest readers to go through Lucent’s general science columns. Read everything about reflection, refraction, total internal reflection, interference, dispersion of light. There will be at least one question based on this.
  • For English no extra preparation is required. Just keep yourself updated about syno/anto that’s it. But for G.K make sure you keep yourself updated about latest books and authors. Also learn who is the first award holder in sport, winners, cities situated besides famous rivers etc. This will cover more than half of the total questions in G.K.
I hope this information is helpful. Good luck!

AFCAT 1 2014 Cut Off Marks

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