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Things To Do After AFCAT Results


AFCAT results are out and there is a mixed reaction about it. While it is true that one can never be satisfied with one’s marks, but it is also true that now its high time to stop worrying about what is gone and start worrying for what is next in the line. One good thing about AFCAT is that you can chose the AFSB and the date as per your own convenience. I believe that those of you who have cleared AFCAT would have chosen the venue and date.

Now below is the list of what you can do after the AFCAT results:

Those of you who have not cleared it can start preparing for the next one from now onwards. With               determination and thorough preparation you’ll certainly get success in your next attempt.
Now given below are some points for those who have cleared it:
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  1. You can chose you date, venue for your AFSB considering all your engagements around the date you can chose the date most suitable for you.
  2. Download and print the call letter. Don’t leave it for future, it’s better to get the printout of the call letter now only.
    Things to do after AFCAT Results
  3. Keep the admit card and the call letter safe.
  4. Check the document list and make sure you have all the required documents. If you do not have it then you must apply for the document in well advance, as the preparation of any document (like provisional certificate etc.) may take time.
  5. Get the reservation done for the date you have chosen for. For some dates reservations might not be open yet, but don’t forget to put a reminder and get the reservations done as soon as the booking opens.
  6. Check up for the places to stay at that place in case you plan to stay there apart from the scheduled days and in case you don’t have anybody living there.
  7. Decide upon a good coaching if you plan to attend one. Take a feedback check from the pages of the coaching on Facebook and do a full research on it before joining. You can look for different aspects like the staff, facility, after coaching support etc.
  8. Start going for a jog or gym. It’ll help build up stamina and improve your fitness. Thus giving you an upper hand in the Individual Obstacles.
  9. Reading will improve your knowledge and help you in preparing lecturette etc. So try to read a good essay book of UPSC level.
  10. Stay in regular touch with current events and happenings which are of National and International importance. This will help you in GD and in interview.
  11. Do a good self-retrospection and find out about your positive and negative qualities. Strengthen your positives and minimize your negatives by working on them.
  12. Try to know about your family, their occupation, qualities, education etc.
  13. Read some normal things about IAF like the ranks, commands, aircraft etc. Major deals and recent news/ procurements about IAF are important as well.

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So these are the few things which you can do after the results. Good luck for AFSB and future AFCAT.

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  1. i have a query if u don’t clear ssb for fts (flying)remain der for five days can u still give ssb for afcat-2(technical branch).plz clear my doubt.

  2. I HAVE APPLIED FOR afcar ssb INTERVIEW AT 15th april at dehradun .i am from new delhi.if anybody else with same date and venue ….


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