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Written ExamsACC ExamACC, PC(SL) and SCO Entry for Soldiers of Indian Army

ACC, PC(SL) and SCO Entry for Soldiers of Indian Army

In the Indian Army, ACC, PC(SL), and SCO are different types of entries for soldiers. Here's a brief explanation of each.

In the Indian Army, there are special entry schemes available for soldiers who aspire to become officers within the organization they serve. These entry schemes, also known as service entries, offer soldiers the opportunity to step up and take on officer roles. The Indian Army recognizes the potential and dedication of its soldiers and provides various avenues for them to transition into officer positions. The three notable service entries are the ACC (Army Cadet College) entry, PC(SL) (Permanent Commission Special List) entry, and SCO (Special Commissioned Officers) entry. Let’s delve into each of these entry schemes in greater detail.

What is ACC Entry?

The Army Cadet College Wing is responsible for training soldiers from the regular army, navy, and air force to become officers in the Indian Army. Graduates from the Army Cadet College go on to join the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun. The training curriculum at the Army Cadet College and the National Defense Academy (NDA) is quite similar, with both institutions offering a three-year degree program encompassing various disciplines in science and humanities. The significant advantage that Army Cadet College cadets bring as officers is their profound understanding of the life of a soldier, which allows them to better comprehend the tasks and responsibilities of their men.

Recently, the Army Cadet College has been renamed as the Siachen Battalion at the Indian Military Academy.

The selection process for admission to the Army Cadet College involves a written test followed by selection through the Services Selection Board. With 80 years of operation, the Army Cadet College has produced many notable alumni. The first course at the Indian Military Academy, consisting of 40 Gentlemen Cadets, included 15 individuals from the former Kitchner College, which later became the Army Cadet College. The first recipient of the Sword of Honour at the Indian Military Academy was Smith Dun, who went on to become the Chief of Army Staff in Burma.

Regrettably, the entry requirements for the Army Cadet College (ACC) have undergone frequent changes, leading to a situation where most officers would retire before reaching the position of Chief of Army Staff (COAS) in India. Age constraints for promotions to higher ranks, regardless of performance, make it unlikely for officers to attain the COAS position. Nevertheless, the ACC has produced numerous exceptional officers who have graduated from this esteemed institution.

The origins of the ACC can be traced back to the establishment of Kitchener College in 1929, located in Nowgong, Madhya Pradesh. In 1960, the Kitchener College was transformed into the Army Cadet College, and in 1964, it was relocated to Ghorpuri, near Pune, taking over the campus of the former Officers Training Institute (OTI), which had been merged into OTAMadras. Subsequently, in July 1977, the ACC was once again relocated, this time to Dehra Dun, where it became a wing of the Indian Military Academy.

ACC Entry Details

Vacancies Per Course75 (Twice in a Year)
Tentative Month of Publication of NotificationNotified by MP Directorate / AGs Br through Units in Mar and Aug
Eligibility Criteria
Age20 to 27 years , minimum service two years can apply
Qualification10+2 Pattern Class 12th pass or Equivalent. Should have qualified ACC written test
Marital StatusUnmarried / Married
Likely Date of SSBSep to Nov for Jan Course Mar to May for Jul Course
Training AcademyACC Wing at IMA, Dehradun
Duration of TrainingFour Years (Three Years in ACC Wing & One Year at IMA)

What is PC(SL) Entry?

PC(SL) refers to the Permanent Commission Special List, which is another entry option similar to the ACC entry, albeit with slight differences. Here are the key details:

  • Education Requirement: Completion of Higher Secondary (11th Pass)
  • Training Academy: A four-week training program at the Officers Training Academy (OTA)
  • Age: Applicants must be between 32 and 40 years old
  • Marital Status: Both married and unmarried individuals are eligible to apply

The PC(SL) entry provides an opportunity for individuals who meet the aforementioned criteria to join the Indian Army as officers through a specialized selection process.

Vacancies Per Course100 (Once in a Year)
Tentative Month of Publication of NotificationNotified by MP Dte / AGs Br through Units in Apr and Jul
Eligibility Criteria
AgeMaximum age 40 years, 45 years for Engineers & 45 years for IOB Minimum service 10 years
QualificationMatric & Above
Marital StatusUnmarried / Married Serving JCOs / NCOs excluding Sepoys
Likely Date of SSBSep and Oct for Jul Course
Training AcademyAEC Centre & College, Pachmarhi & IMA, Dehradun
Duration of TrainingEight Weeks at AEC Centre & College, Pachmarhi & Four Weeks at IMA

What is SCO Entry?

SCO entry is another type of entry for soldiers, through this entry soldiers with 32 years for age can also apply. They do get chance even when they have reached the ranks of Hav and JCOs. More details on SCO entry are given below.

  • Education Requirement: Class XI CBSE pattern
  • Training: One year at IMA
  • Age:  27-32 years
  • Marital Status: Married or Unmarried
Vacancies Per Course100 (Twice in a Year)
Tentative Month of Publication of NotificationNotified by MP Directorate / AGs Br through Units in Apr and Jul
Eligibility Criteria
Age28 to 35 years. minimum service of five years can apply
QualificationMatric with One Year Diploma or Above
Marital StatusUnmarried / Married
Likely Date of SSBJul/Aug for Jan Course & Nov/Dec for Jul Course
Training AcademyOTA, Gaya
Duration of TrainingEight Weeks at AEC Centre & College, Pachmarhi & One Year at OTA, Gaya

How to Apply for SCO, ACC and PC(SL) Entries?

As said these entries are only for serving Indian army soldiers and not available in the public domain. One needs to contact the concerned department of his unit to apply for such entries.

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