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Special Forces of the Army Navy and Air Force

The Special Forces of the tri-services are specialized units of the Army Navy or Air Force for specialized operations. They are trained for different types of operations and generally the training is very tough. These special force personnel are very efficient and have great efficiency in completing the operations. So here are the special forces of the tri-services:

 Special Forces of the Army Navy and Air Force

Para Commandos

  1. Para Commandos: They are the special force unit of the Indian Army and are trained for special operation missions like special operations, Direct action, Hostage rescue, Counter-terrorism, Unconventional warfare, Special reconnaissance, Foreign internal Defense, Personnel recovery, Asymmetric warfare, Counter-proliferation, Counter Insurgency etc. They were formed on 1 July 1966 and are the most important part of Special Forces of India. They are a part of the highly trained Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army and, generally, all the Para-Commando personnel are selected from it. Because of its specified role, the regiment needs to be kept at optimum level of operational efficiency and physical fitness. The strength is of 7 battalions currently and the regiment center is in Bangalore, Karnataka. Their Motto is “Men apart every man an emperor”. Their identification symbol is Maroon Beret, shoulder titles, and the “Balidaan” badge(PARA SF).
  2. Garud Commando Force: The Garud Commando Force is the Special Forces unit of the Indian Air
    Garud Commando Force

    Force. It was formed on 6th February 2004 and has strength of approximately 2000 personnel. The unit derives its name from Garuda, a divine bird-like creature of Hindu Mythology. Garud is tasked with the protection of critical Air Force bases and installations; search and rescue during peace and hostilities and disaster relief during calamities. Presently, Garud’s are deployed in Congo as part of the UN peace keeping operations. Their motto is प्रहार से सुरक्षा( Offence is the Best Form of Defense). Their identification symbol is that the Garud airman wear the “Airman Beret Badge” on the cap. They are also parachute trained, and wear the Operational Paratroopers Brevet above the right pocket. The “Garud Force Patch” can be seen worn on the sleeve and a Garud Winged Badge which is gold in color and worn on the left chest, similar to where pilot/aircrew wings are worn. The Garuds are also entitled to wear “IAF GARUD” titles on the sleeves.

  3. MARCOS: Marine Commandos Force (MCF previously) or the MARCOS are the special force

    unit of the Indian Navy. They were created for conducting special operations such as Amphibious warfare, Counter-terrorism, Direct action, Special reconnaissance, Unconventional warfare, hostage rescue, Personnel recovery, Asymmetric warfare, Counter proliferation. The MARCOS are capable of undertaking operations in all types of terrain, but are specialized in maritime operations in Jammu and Kashmir through the Jhelum River and Wular Lake, a 65 square kilometer freshwater lake. Some MARCOS personnel are also attached with the Army Special Forces units conducting counter-terrorism operations in the area. MARCOS are widely feared among the terrorists, who call them “Dadiwala fauj”, meaning the “Bearded army” because of their bearded disguise in civil areas. MARCOS have also been known to carry out wide variety of operations in foreign soil. They were raised on 14th February 1987. Their motto is “The few the fearless” and their nickname is “Magarmach”  (Crocodile). Their strength is not disclosed. They operate from the bases of Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Goa, Kochi and Port Blair. They are one of most efficient part of the Indian Special Forces and are highly feared in enemies.

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