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EKT Sample Paper Electrical and Electronics

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EKT Sample Paper Electrical and Electronics

Candidates who are looking for EKT exam sample papers can download the new sample questions and sample papers from the links given below. In this article you will find the Engineering Knowledge Test EKT sample paper of Electrical and Electronics. As per the new exam pattern of EKT, it has maximum 50 questions and the duration of the paper is 30 mins.

EKT Sample Paper Electrical and Electronics Questions

Q1.      If sin x+(sin x) 2 =1, then
(a)          cos x+(cos x) 2 =1
(b)          cos x – (cos x) 2 =1
(c)          (cos x) 2 – (cos x) =1
(d)          (cos x) 2 + (cos x) 4 =1
Q2. Each edge of a cube is increased by 50%. The percentage increase in the surface area is
(a)          50
(b)          125
(c)          150
(d)          300
Q3.      The value of log 4 + log 5 – log 2 is
(a)          1
(b)          7
(c)          10
(d)          9/2

EKT Sample Paper Electrical and Electronics

Q4.      The probability of drawing an ace or a spade or both from a deck of cards is
(a)          4/52
(b)          13/52
(c)          1/52
(d)          16/52
Q5.      Let θ be the angle between two vectors a and b, then cos θ is equal to
(a)          mod a + mod b
(b)          (a )+ mod b
(c)          mod (a+b)
(d)          ab/[ mod a x mod b]

Q6.      Pressure is
(a)          scalar
(b)          vector
(c)          pseudo vector
(d)          Poynting vector
Q7.      The force of attraction or repulsion between charges follows
(a)          square law
(b)          inverse square law
(c)          both (a) and (b)
(d)          none of (a) and (b)
Q8. The force experienced by a conductor of length L carrying current I placed parallel to the magnetic field of flux density B is
(a)          BIL
(b)          Zero
(c)          HIL
(d)          IL/B
Q9. A wave undergoes reflection from a rigid boundary. One of its characteristic parameters that changes is
(a)          frequency
(b)          phase
(c)          velocity
(d)          wavelength
Q10. The half-life period of a radioactive element is 140 days . After 560 days one gram of the element will reduce to
(a)          1/2 g
(b)          1/4 g
(c)          1/8 g
(d)          1/16 g
Q11. Which projection shows the object from angles in which the scales along each axis of object are equal
(a)          auxiliary projection
(b)          isometric projection
(c)          orthographic projection
(d)          objective projection

Q12.  A charge of 2 coulombs every 0.5 sec signifies
(a)          4 A of current
(b)          1A of current
(c)          2A of current
(d)          none of these
Q13.  Transformer is a device used for
(a)          converting AC to DC
(b)          for stepping down AC Voltages
(c)          both stepping up/down AC Voltages
(d)          only stepping up AC Voltages
Q14.  In order to get back the original signal from sampled signal , It is necessary to use
(a)          low pass filter
(b)          high pass filter
(c)          band pass filter
(d)          band reject filter
Q15.  Superposition theorem can be applied only to circuits having elements
(a)          non-linear
(b)          passive
(c)          linear bilateral
(d)          resistive 

EKT Exam Instructions: 

Instructions for Candidates                                                        Time Allotted: 30 Minutes
1.            Total number of Questions 50. Each Question is of three marks.
2.            One mark will be deducted for every wrong answer.
3.            Do not write or mark on Question Paper.
4.            Question Paper to be returned before leaving the Exam Hall. 

EKT Sample Paper Electrical and Electronics

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