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Medicals Experience at AFCME (New Delhi)

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Hi all. This blog is about my experience at AFCME(New Delhi). We had a briefing there about what all documents would be required and soon all the students were taken to the registration desk. We were given accommodation in Camero officer’s mess.

The medical examination takes 3-4 “working days” at AFCME Delhi. Please make sure that there is no holiday within 3 days of the date you choose for the medicals.
PS: I had to wait for 2 days for my medical conference (Saturday and Sunday) though all the tests were over.
Now let me share my own experience.
Day 1: 
The first 2-3 hours was spent in form filling and after that we (group of 5) were asked to wait in the cafeteria. After some time we were called for document verifications. After the verification was over, the following things were noted down:
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Chest
That’s all.
The hospital timings were upto 3:00 pm so after that we went back to the Camero officer’s mess where we were given accommodation.
Day 2: 
The following tests were done on the second day.
  • Ultrasound: We were asked to report at 7:00 am without having anything for breakfast. Ultrasound

    was the first test that day to check for any abnormalities (fatty liver problem is very common for those who eat oily foods or drink alcohol)

  • Blood Test: If your weight is normal then the blood sample would be taken only once but if it’s not (over weight/underweight), you will be made to drink a glass of glucose and then come back after 2 hours to give the sample again. (This is to check whether your body is able to break down glucose effectively or not). PS: Since I was “only” 17 kgs over weight, I had to give the sample twice.
  • X-Ray: We were asked to stand, sit, and lie down in different positions to check for any broken or abnormality in the bone structure of the body. (In this case there were few candidates who had a problem with the elbow angle)
  • Eye test: This is the most time exhausting test of all. The following are the tests which were done  to check our eyes
  • Color Combination: We were asked to stand in a dark room and there was a lantern with a hole in it. Colors were flashed through the hole and we were asked to identify the color. There were three colors: Red, green and white. This test is to check for the color blindness. PS: White color might appear as yellow and I did say yellow for the first time and then I was asked by the officer to calm down and answer patiently. Probably it was because of the excitement.
  • Distant Vision: This one is a routine test and we were made to read letters which were placed at a distance of 20 meters.
  • Pupil Dilation: We were given an eye drop and asked to put them in our eyes thrice at an interval of 15 minutes so that our pupil gets dilated to the fullest. After an hour we were called one by one and our eyes were tested with an instrument they had. PS: After putting the eye drops you wouldn’t be able to see clearly for the next 2 hours or so. And do take sun glasses to the hospital as you might be asked to go back to the mess after this test in the sunlight (This is what happened to us and trust me it was very difficult to even open our eyes.) With this the second day ended and we went back to our mess.
Day 3: 
  • Ear: There was some pressure check in the ear and after that we were given a head phone and a bell. We were asked to press the bell each time we heard a beep through the ear phone. The beeps were of varying frequencies and some were very faint and therefore one needs to be extremely careful during this test.
  • PS: Get your ear wax removed before going for the medicals otherwise they wouldn’t even let you take this test. This will extend your stay at the AFCME and waste your time.
  • Ear, nose and throat: The entire normal checkup was done and then we went for lunch in the cafeteria.
  • Surgical: Now comes the part which all of us were praying didn’t take place. Anyways it did and the following is what happened. We were asked to take off our shirts and trousers and wait for our turn. We were called inside a room one by one and were examined by a doctor. Knock knees, B.P, any surgery marks and private parts were examined by the doctor.
  • Dental: We were taken to a different hospital for the dental checkup as the experts are not available at AFCME. They check for proper number of dental points and if there is any abnormality. In our group  a guy was declared unfit because he had open bite or close bite.
  • ECG: This took 5-10 minutes.Sitting length, thigh length (for flying branch  only). This was our last test and it was over within 15 minutes.
    Medicals Experience At AFCME (New Delhi)
The time was 2:45 pm and since our files could not be compiled in such a short span of time (the President leaves at 3:00 pm) we were told that our medical conference will be held on the next working day. And since I did not have much idea I had chosen Wednesday as my date and hence we all had to wait till Monday for the results.
On Monday we had our conference at 11:00 am. I was given TR for the following reasons:
  • Over weight
  • Deranged LFT
  • Right eye myopic (6/9)
PS: The myopic thing was a human error and I was told by the president that I would clear it in the appeal medical board.
So I applied for the appeal medical board and I got a call exactly after 30 days and had to report at the base hospital. In the 30 days, I had reduced 17 kgs and since the other two problems were minor (maybe error also) were also solved.
I was declared medically fit for all the branches of IAF.
  • Be patient as you might have to wait for even hours for your turn to come.
  • Listen to the instructions carefully otherwise you might piss off the doctors which is not good for you.
For any queries, mail me on shashank.ssp@gmail.com
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 About Shashank Shekhar: I have been recommended for Indian Air Force (All branches) and declared medically fit by AFCME.
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