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GuestSSB Interview ExperienceRecommended For Flying Branch From 1 AFSB Dehradun

Recommended For Flying Branch From 1 AFSB Dehradun

I was recommended for flying branch from 1 AFSB Dehradun on Feb 14 and I cleared my medical tests in March. It was my very first try for selection service board. I am writing this post to tell the aspirants about my experiences during preparation and during the selection service board. I remember searching the whole internet to gather any information I can get while I was preparing. I hope to help the candidates who are going through that phase at the moment.

I will start with various tasks in order as they happen in SSB.
  1. The first day as you know is the screening in. This according to me is the one test which can be a bit unfair to some people. You have to be at your very best during this testing because of its unforgiving nature. The important things to keep in mind for screening in according to me are:  your command over English language (the fluency with which you narrate your story), the content of your story. GD is important but by the time everyone in the group has narrated, the selectors have made up their mind to some extent. (Anyways no one will hear anyone during GD 😉 Try not to push your own story but the story which is acceptable to maximum number of people. Act as a mediator among the group. Trying to work out little details like number of characters etc. is a waste of time (as the image will be hazy). Theme of story is not important but content is.
  2. Second day is psych testing and PABT. For PABT they will teach you about certain (6 in total) analog instruments of a plane for an hour. Based on those instruments you will have a MCQ test which can be a bit challenging. You will be shown the instruments and you have to choose the orientation of the plane from given options. Speed is very important here as you will get only few seconds per question. The officer there told us it is just like painting. If you have it in you then you have it, if not then not. Those who clear will get to play with simulator (just hope you spent enough time on that call of duty.) Next is Psych testing which is all about who you are. I will give you some tips here –For Word Association Test you are in a psych test not a sentence making test. So write whatever comes to your mind. E.g. Love – country. It’s not always necessary to make a whole sentence. Main problem comes when there is some negative word like coward, war, injury etc. Join 2 negatives to make a positive. Eg. Injury – illiteracy injures the democracy. For Situation Reaction Test you can practise beforehand. Just keep it real, keep it simple. For Thematic Appreciation Test again keep it simple. Don’t create any crisis like situation. Don’t invent anything which is not visible in the image.
  3. Group testing goes on for 2 days. GD is the most important activity in GT. This will give your first impression to the GTO. It better be very very good. You have to have excellent knowledge about foreign affairs, internal security issues, currently ongoing global issues, economic affairs of India, various important articles like 370, afspa etc and so on. The more read you are, the more are your chances for getting through GTO. During military planning exercise there will always be one or two out of the box solutions. Progressive group task is about more about doing by hand than just giving ideas to the group. Same goes for half group task and final group task. In Command task don’t just command but also involve yourself. Extempore lecture task again tests your communication skills and your knowledge.
  4. Interview will be based on your PIQ form. You will be tested in current affairs, technical knowledge and he will definitely put you in a pressure cooker situation. Keep composed and use your brain before you say anything which might go against you. Take your time and don’t haste for answering. He will be analysing your psychology and your mental ability throughout the interview.
    Recommended For Flying Branch From 1 AFSB Dehradun
Some pointers –
Yes you should tell the truth to GTO or Interviewer if they ask you about training in some institution. It really doesn’t matter as they will know anyways with the way you perform during PGT and TAT etc. Plus it will show you did not want to leave any stone unturned for your preparation.
Make great bonding with your group. It is very important as it will help you in GT. Maximum people will call you for command task. They will listen to you more during GDs and so on.
Know as much about the job that you are applying for as you can before the SSB.
During preparations for SSB start thinking deeply about each of the task and what is expected of you, Are you prepared for that task? If not, work on that. You have to give 100% for each and every task.
You have to perform consistently good during all days. Keep your motivation and energy levels up throughout.
The more you prepare the better are your chances. Keep up the hard work. Best of luck.
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photo About Rajat Sharma: I have cleared SSB and Medicals from 1 AFSB Dehradun. I am recommended for flying branch and waiting for the merit list.
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