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Recommended for Indian Navy and Army

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Navy; 33 SSB Bhopal; PC NAIC- Recommended on 17th Dec, 2013 and joining INA on 27th Jun 2014. Air Force; 4 AFSB Varanasi; PC AE (L) – Conference Out on 14th April, 2014. Army; 24 SSB Bangalore; PC TGC-119- Recommended on 7th May, 2014. Three attempts overall with a recommendation percentage of 66.67 % (:P). Well, I have taken a lot of cues from the group, so before joining the academy it’s my duty to tell my perspective and introspection towards SSB.

  1. Screening: Notice the image properly and write the most positive story, but don’t over force it. You can inculcate any story that has happened with you or you have heard, read or seen it. During discussion, tell your story very clearly and affirmatively. Listen to other’s stories as well. Don’t force your story; try to zero in on the story base which has come from majority. Put your points strongly, try to speak at least 2-3 times and such that other listen to you and agrees with you. If they agree with you, that’s a huge advantage.
  2. Psychology: According to me, the most important part of 5 day process as everything else can be changed but not the psych atleast in short time. Write positive stories only in TAT (for 11 images). For the 12th image, please come prepare beforehand. Prepare a story (which should be related to you somehow and shows some qualities of you) before coming to SSB. 12th story plays a huge role in your assessment. Write positive sentences in WAT and complete all. Write short sentences of 4-6 words only. Write short replies in SRT and complete all. Prepare SD before coming to SSB. Introspect yourself and get your goods and bads from all as mentioned in the SD. Don’t show only your good aspect, show your shortcomings as well and also write in a line how you are trying to deal with it. Be aware of what you write in SD, because it should reflect in your PIQ as well, else Interviewer will screw you.
    Recommended for Indian Navy and Army
  3. GTO: As earlier said, in GD; put your points strongly, try to speak number of times and such that other listen to you and agrees with you. If they agree with you, that’s a huge advantage. Avoid cancelling much to other’s point as it is a GD not a debate; try to add points on the other’s ideas. Involve in all the group tasks, even if u feel blank, try to help the group in whatever way.  Try to asses tasks in GPE and rank them as per their urgency. Try to use all the resources in best way. Listen to everyone and give your points strongly. Time is of a great essence in this. Choose your leader such that he is calm and composed. For IOs, don’t hurt yourself trying to do more. Doing 6-8 is enough but don’t show hesitation in attempting any obstacle. Make your sequence of obstacles and put the hardest one according to you for last. For Command task, think for a minute and constantly try for a solution.
  4. Interview: This has to be a part where one can impress the officer a lot. If u do well here, it will surely help your performance overall. Firstly, lots of people say, be truthful but I deny that. You can put lies in between the lines but he assessor are highly experienced, so even if they catch you, one should be able to make way out from there. So, if you try this; it’s upto you. Try to reflect yourself of what you have written in your Psych test and PIQ. Don’t get friendly with the interview. He might seem very friendly and jolly, but you should control your emotions and remain balanced while answering. Answer only what you know and be bit frank when he asks about gf, sex and porn (for boys). He will constantly do something to distract you, but your composure out in that room is very important. Smile all the time and present your cheerfulness to the assessors.
  5. Conference: Wish properly to President and then again answer cheerfully to any SRT or question, if asked to you. Again wish back and come out of room.
All these are my perspectives regarding and what I have observed in my SSB’s. But, let me tell you whether a person is recommended once or for 10th time; he doesn’t what happens in the room or how the assessor think. So, give your best and most importantly enjoy your stay out there. It will be one of the best days of your life. You will make friends and will take lot of memories from SSB centre.
All the best and wish to see lot of others to achieve their dream to be a part of INDIAN ARMED FORCES. 
 About Akshay Singh: Akshay got recommended for Indian army and Navy. Soon he will be joining academy for the training.
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