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AFCAT 2 2014 Cut Off Marks

afcat%2B2%2B2014%2Bcut%2Boff%2BmarksAFCAT 2 2014 written exam is conducted by IAF today cross the country. Candidates who have attended the afcat 2 2014 will be waiting for the cut off marks details. Here we would be discussing the approx cut off marks of AFCAT 2 2014 exam and EKT exam 2014 cut off marks for all the three branch i.e. electrical, mechanical and computer science.

AFCAT 2 2014 Cut Off Marks [Expected]

We are posting the expected cutoff marks of AFCAT 2 2014. AFCAT 2 2014 exam was coinducted by Indian air force today. We would also be publishing the original AFCAT 2 2014 questions soon.  AFCAT 2 2014 cut off marks would increase reason being the difficulty level was low. If we compare the previous afcat exams, this time one who has attempted around 55-60 questions correctly, will have safe chances of clearing the AFCAT exam 2014.


AFCAT 2 2014 Paper Structure

  • Total questions: 100
  • Maximum Marks: 300
  • Each Question: 3 Marks
  • Negative Marking: -1 for every wrong answer
  • AFCAT 2 2014 question paper consist of four different sections, i.e. English, Maths, GK and Military Aptitude.
    AFCAT 2 2014 Cut Off Marks

Difficulty Level of AFCAT 2 2014 Questions

  • AFCAT General Awareness: GK was not a mix of different sections and one could see the questions mainly from politics, civics and current affairs. History and Defence related questions were less and none respectively. 
  • AFCAT Verbal Ability in English: Few new type of questions were there in this sections, synonym and antonym was little difficult, though this section had different types of questions so it was easy to get score in this section. 
  • AFCAT Numerical Ability: Maths sections was comparatively easy and scoring. Questions were asked from all the sections as per the latest syllabus. Really a good section to score marks for candidates. 
  • AFCAT Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test: Again, many new type of questions and this section was fun to solve. It was easy and a fair chance to score maximum marks out of this section. Overall this was the easiest part in the whole AFCAT 2 2014.

AFCAT Exam Cut Off Marks Trend 

Exam Year
Cut Off Marks
AFCAT 1 2011
AFCAT 2 2011
AFCAT 1 2012
AFCAT 2 2012
AFCAT 1 2013
AFCAT 2 2013
AFCAT 1 2014
AFCAT 2 2014
135 [Expected]

AFCAT 2 2014 EKT Cut Off Marks

EKT papers were simple for all the sections, basic questions were asked for all the branches i.e. electrical and electronics, mechanical and computer science. Candidates who are good at basics, mainly the fresh graduates could easily solve the papers. Given time for EKT was 45 mins at few centres and 50 questions were asked with -1 for every wrong answer and 3 marks for correct answer.

We are publishing the unsolved AFCAT 2 2014 question papers and you could see the AFCAT 2 2014 solved papers with solutiong at out sister portal www.ssbcrackexams.com

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The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.
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  1. IN SET D
    Question no. 68 ..I think OPTION “B” should be the answer …as the train covers 10 KM disntance 12 MIN.
    THEREFORE SPEED = D/T i.e 10/12 kmph ,after changing minutes into hour we will get speed 50 km/h
    speed is decreased by 5 km/h then the speed we have is 45km/h
    then s=d/t , 45=10/t
    we will get 2/9 hours
    changing 2/9 hours into minutes we will get 120/9 min or 13 min 33 sec

    Kindely ,go through the question once more and please update the correct answer soon.

  2. r all of u people mad or something….u hv given ur exam…now chill…..the results will be out after sometime just see then if u”re selected or not….why u rely on these fucking sites…..just chill guys…

  3. It’s written, ‘Maths sections was comparatively easy and scoring. Questions were asked from all the sections as per the latest syllabus.’ Really? Could you tell me where can we find the so called latest syllabus? AFCAT syllabus is not updated, you can find it on http://careerairforce.nic.in/, still it’s as same as it was before. But there were questions about trains, boats and streams, compound interest, etc., which are not included in the syllabus. About 80% of the questions were taken from Indiabix! One more thing, haemorrhage and hemorrhage, both are correct. I left out this question because both were present in the options. I believe AFCAT standards must be improved. Questions, exam centers, seating arrangements. Every candidate should be treated exactly the same way as others.




    And also most of the numerical ability questions.

    • I agree with you..I too gone through the topics which is specified in the careerairforce site, due to which I have to leave 10 questions, which were simple if I had a glance over “out of syllabus” topics.

      We have a section “Choose the fifith word which is different from other four words”.. Our Invigilator told us not to attempt those coz there was no fifth option, and we were told that 15 marks will be added coz of the error. I asked every friend of mine whether they are told the same, they were negative. U people aware of this??

      • Sorry to hear that. I know how it feels, you prepare everything that is given in the syllabus but questions are asked out of the syllabus, so sad.

        Yes, we were told about the error. But the instructor did not mention that 15 marks will be awarded, neither he asked us to leave the questions. He just informed us that there was an error since there was no fifth option, that’s all.

  4. I was not allowed to give the exam because I went with Xerox of my photo id at centre kendriya vidyalaya 2 delhi cantt 🙁 and at many other centres they were allowing the students even without a photograph on their admit card ..what the shitt was that 🙁

  5. will get 145 to 160 in afcat butdo not know what will happen to EKT , if i will clear the afcat , will i get the call for ssb on the basis of afcat only or EKT is cumpulsory ?

  6. Are you sure that the cutoff would be around 135?? the paper was damn easy and i attempted 80 out of 100 questions and i am sure that 65 questions are correct and the rest 15 may be correct and may not be. The cutoff would be high. Be ready for the tough challenge this time…:D
    BTW whose center was at Air Force School, Hindan??

  7. Do we have individual cut off for each section ?,i.e ekt or cutoff will be decided on total marks obtained in each section

    • Individual cut offs are provided in the exams having pre-specified different sections or modules. There is no “sectional cutoff” in the APTITUDE PAPER.
      However, this is the first time when we had to attend 2 Papers in AFCAT. The first of Aptitude and the second one with “Technical” which is dependent on the choice of the aspirant or on the field of his/her degree.
      So, it could be possible that one has to qualify both the papers. .i.e. scoring cutoff marks for each paper. But it is not sure.

      • Hey anurag
        Good evening I am Divyanshu graduated computer science engineer
        I have filled afcat but no ekt appeared on my admitcard so I have not given it either is there any issue regarding this ?
        And if you are admin of this website will you guys do upload answer key of yours atleast.


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