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How to Do Well in Situation Reaction Test of SSB

This is a very special test of second day psychology round which tests the various aspirants for the normal happenings of the life and the situations that may arise suddenly in one’s life anytime. Situations given in the series are such that can anytime happen with anyone suddenly. You are provided with a booklet which has specially designed 60 questions. Each question depicts a situation and has a blank which needs to be filled by the taker of the exam as to what would be his/her reaction when such situation comes in the life.

The best formula to do such questions is to just write solution that you would opt for being a responsible citizen of the country. The following can help in attempting such questions:
  • Make a note of this that you cannot leave any situation unhandled but you have to provide a solution that is feasible by a human being not by a super hero.
  • Be realistic and practical with your answers
  • Be truthful and don’t try to fake as you are being tested at various places for the same quality or say that same quality should come out of your acts so never try to conceal anything.
  • Be brief in your solutions.
  • Also there might be some questions repeated to check consistency, just maintain that and don’t show different solutions at such places which gives the essence of fakeness.
  • Try to attempt as many questions as you want and don’t try to escape situations. That simply means you are thinking too much and responding by faking results
  • Read the situation properly before answering to understand the context of the place.
  • Quality of response matters not the quality but this does not give the freedom to think and write less. You score for more you right the answers rightly.
  • Your solutions and qualities might be discussed at conference by all the officers when they get together. So they should get the same person as it is when they go through the personality assessment.
  • Also it is suggested that you can refer books but should get your solutions assessed that whether they match your personality or not. Books only provide sample solutions.
  • Also answer for one individual might not be correct for one individual because you should remember that through these answers you have to prove your qualities what you actually have in you. So answers could be same but you should judge that you possess it or not.

Always keep trying and find a mentor who can help you individually to assess what you have and how it can be shown in front of assessors at SSB. Still if any query is bothering you, drop me a message on facebook and add me. We will try to resolve it together.

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Jayendra Singh
Jayendra Singh
Jayendra Pratap Singh is an Alumnus of IIM Ranchi, specialized in Human Resource and is a die heart counsellor, advisor and mentor for defense aspirants. He was recommended in the first attempt for Indian navy UES entry and is willing to help aspirants to make use of his experience in this field.
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  1. Good one

    Quality of response {{{{{{matters not the $$$quality$$$}}}}}}
    but this does not give the freedom to think and write less. You score for more
    you right the answers rightly.

    Quality of response matters not the quantity but this does not give the freedom to think and write less. You score for more
    you right the answers rightly.


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