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50 Most Common AFCAT Exam Mistakes to Avoid

Dear aspirants hope your AFCAT exam preparation is going well, next AFCAT exam is going to be held soon, the time is less for AFCAT exam preparation so we are giving some useful tips for AFCAT exam. In this article we would talk about some “DON’TS” while attending AFCAT exam. Often candidates do not take these points seriously and end up making mistakes in AFCAT exam, do remember that you only fail by few marks, if you put some extra effort, clearing AFCAT is not that tough.

Understanding AFCAT exam:
Before you start, do understand what AFCAT exam is and why do Indian Air Force conduct it on the first place when there is CDS exam. With CDS exam you could only join Flying branch, but with AFCAT you can apply for all Flying, Technical and GDOC. AFCAT is conducted two times every year and this time candidate applying for technical branch has to attend EKT exam which is conducted just after AFCAT exam.

  • Total Number of Questions (AFCAT): 100
  • Maximum Marks (AFCAT): 300
  • Marks for every correct answer (AFCAT): 3
  • Negative Marking (AFCAT): Yes (-1 for every wrong answer)
  • Time Duration (AFCAT): 2 hours
  • Total Number of Question (EKT): 50
  • Negative Marking (EKT): Yes (-1 for every wrong answer)
  • Time Duration (EKT): 30mins
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Don’ts of AFCAT Exam

  • Read and listen to the instructions given by the officers and written on the question paper or instruction sheet. Adhere to the instructions else you question paper might get disqualified, yes, it happened in the past so be careful.
  • Do not mark anything on the question paper, also be careful while handling your OMR sheet as it needs to go through a system for correction, any alteration in OMR sheet would directly disqualify you from AFCAT exam.
  • Read the questions careful, take 10 mins to skim whole question paper and then decide from which section you would like to start. Always start with the easiest section first as it will give you more confidence in the beginning and save time for other sections.
  • Do not mark answers on OMR sheet in hurry, double check your answer and than mark it on the sheet, remember you can not erase or change your answer once marked on the OMR sheet.
  • Utilize the paper given for the rough work, do not hesitate to ask one if that is not enough for you.
  • Concentrate more while solving Spatial Ability section as it requires more concentration level, though the questions are not tough so it is suggested that you solve this section first.
  • Do not mark any answer if you are not sure, negative marking may reduce your chances, remember if you are sure about 50 questions, it is more than enough to pass the AFCAT exam.
  • Be sure you solve minimum 50 questions correctly without any wrong answers to be on the safer side, if you could score 50 questions that sums up to 150 marks which are more than enough to clear AFCAT exam.
  • Do not waste time in difficult section like Numerical Ability, remember every question has same marks irrespective to the difficulty level.

 Prepare now for AFCAT Exam Online

Aspirants who are really serious about their preparation can join the above online course and prepare well for the exam. Good Luck, do well.

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