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SSB InterviewTipsSuccess Mantra to Clear SSB

Success Mantra to Clear SSB

SSB is a specialised exam where the applicant is tested thoroughly through scientifically designed tests. Three testes are sufficient to make a sketch of the complete personality of a person. Each one is tested on various parameters that gives the result of the all round personality of an individual. There could be no faking possible because different assessors are there to judge you.

The PIQ that is filled goes to psychologist and the interviewer to tell them about your personality and then through tests they take a sketch of your personality which should match with the one shown by you. The few success mantras as they strike me are:

  1. Be yourself: If you learn to practice this then no one can stop you from cracking SSB. It’s just that simple. Just portray you are unveiling yourself layer by layer in the SSB centre. The questions asked with you or the various tests that are conducted on you will simply let assessor know more about the dynamics of your personality. You are the best teller of that and it’s simple to this level only. Yes I agree you should also be aware of the surroundings too and that happenings around in the world else if you only know about yourself you would be termed self centric and egoist and my officers are not that.
  2. Always think of your dream and live it:daring to see a dream which everyone cannot even think of this, it requires courage to do so. Since you achieved it now what’s bad in reminding yourself that you need to achieve the task and do whatever is required for it. See believe me if you start living your dream no power in the world can stop you from achieving it. You should be pure at heart for your dream and dreaming for serving my motherland is not the work of cowards. Only brave can do this. Keep thinking of how you can achieve that and what all improvements are needed. Someone has rightly said: “Surround yourself with what you are trying to become, not what you are trying to get away from” You should always see your target of what you need to achieve, how far you are from that and how can the path be traversed.
  3. Live life like an officer: I have seen people during my mentorship program that i run that they tend to modify their living styles for some days but live differently otherwise. Remember the officer is within you, whether you have a SSB call letter or not live originally like an officer, don’t try to be disciplined, punctual for some days and then again come back to the original way of living. Believe me you cannot do that and that’s cheating with yourself so whether you are selected or planning to go to SSB always be the same and live healthy and rich.
Apart from this if any other things bother you, join me on facebook and message your queries. Let’s make this journey simple and easy.
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Jayendra Singh
Jayendra Singh
Jayendra Pratap Singh is an Alumnus of IIM Ranchi, specialized in Human Resource and is a die heart counsellor, advisor and mentor for defense aspirants. He was recommended in the first attempt for Indian navy UES entry and is willing to help aspirants to make use of his experience in this field.

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  1. Very well said Jp sir. . !!! The directions provided by you are of immense help. We will all make it as far as your guidance is their.

    Your Mentee !


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