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The Combat Edge-Inside the Indian Army

The Combat Edge-Inside the Indian Army
Indian Army consists of different corps and departments (in civilian language) which combine together to form the efficient and fabulous union we see. There are several back processes running in the successful execution of anything. Army being no different has several small parts which integrate to form the family of Army, each part has the importance of its own and is a non-differentiable part of the family.

Let us have a look inside the Combat Edge of our Army

  1. The Infantry: Infantry is to the army what a heart is to a human body. Without infantry it’s impossible for any Army to function. No matter how much you advance, you’ll still need infantry because ultimately they decide the winner in the battlefield. All the wars that India has fought, the Infantry has played a major role. Right from the chilling cold of Siachen glacier, to the burning summer of Thar Desert and in the impregnable jungles of the northeast, our infantry has proved its mettle. The infantry is divided into regiments based on the region of the solider that constitute the regiment, this being a tradition method that is followed since the British era. The men for the Special Forces are also generally picked up from infantry. The infantry is laced with variety of assault rifles and grenades, with a huge modernization being carried out. Infantry is a complete unit in itself, it can wage a war anytime.
  2. The Gunners: Gunners are the regiment of Artillery. They provide the firepower whenever required. Gunners are dedicated solider and very efficient in their work, this is reflected in their motto SARVATRA, IZZAT – O – IQBAL to provide fire-power for all eventualities, where-ever required, in whichever form required.
    Indian Army All Regiments
  3. Army Aviation: The third dimension in combat was brought into notice in the 20th century, and thus was born Army aviation. Though the youngest corps in the Indian Army, Aviation corps still has got commendable brilliance and efficiency. It has provided an advantage to the strength of the army making it a stronger and more diversified unit. The Aviation corps has received many praises for their work in two major wars and for their selfless services provided during many relief operations in peacetime.
  4. Army Air Defence: Though a growing corps, yet it has proved its importance and brilliance time and again. They leave no stone unturned to monitor rapidly, control and take quick decisions in regard to the supersonic jets flying in the air. They live up to their motto of AKASHE SHATRUN JAHI (Kill the Enemy in the Sky). They provide an edge in the operations, by providing air defence and are the first in last out in the gamut of any operation.
  5. The Corps of Engineers: They are knows as sappers, and are an important part of the Army. The officers in this corps are armed with a degree of engineering. The corps of engineers plays a major role in mobility and counter -mobility and they are efficient and trained for a wide variety of tasks like mine filed lying and clearing, road construction, handling of explosives etc.
  6. The Corps of Signals: They are the constantly on job soldiers. Since their work revolves around providing, deploying and leveraging the strength of communication networks and providing cyber security, both at the times of war and peace. They are the information warriors and work constantly to provide communication between various units through phones, videos etc., they also connect the soldiers of remote locations to their kith and kin.
  7. The Army Medical Corps: Needless to mention anything, they are the soul that keeps the army alive. They are needed everywhere, both at the time of war and at the time of peace. They give selfless service.
  8. The Ordnance Corps: They are known as the Tuskers and are responsible for providing logistic support to the fighting arms. Their major work is inventory management and they ensure the adequate and timely supply of material to the units.
  9. The corps of EME: The corps of Electronic Engineers, popularly called as eagles are responsible for keeping a check on the equipment, their working status, how to get them more efficient etc. They are also responsible for checking the conceivability of any new weapon in the army. The keep in check the preparedness of any operation, to ensure combat effectiveness to win any war.
  10. The Army Dental Corps: Army Dental Corps is a family of dedicated professionals committed to maintaining the dental health of Armed Forces Officers, personnel and their families which in turn contributes to optimum force utilization and enhances operational capability.
  11. Rashtriya Rifles: It is elite forced raised in 1990 to fight insurgency in the country. It is a premier counter insurgency force of India true to its motto of DRIDTA AUR VEERTA which means Determination and Valor.
  12. The Army Service Corps: This is the Corps, which moves and sustains everything that is required for warfare i.e. from a soldier to any kind of equipment, big or small. Moving by vehicles, mules and porters, it ensures flawless logistics support to match up with the operational plans.
  13. Pioneer Corps: The oldest in the service, Pioneer Corps units provide disciplined and well trained manpower, where civilian labor is either not available, or its employment is not desirable for reasons of security. Pioneer units are mostly committed in forward and operational areas. They may also be employed as guards and escorts for headquarters, installations, ammunition trains and convoys.
  14. The Territorial Army: Raised in 1949, Territorial Army is the army of the civilians, who are working in the normal days and are provided with military training every year for a set duration of time to be deployed, if need be, at the times of wars or any other calamity. The concept behind the Territorial Army is based on the fundamental idea that it should exist for war time employment and should be maintainable at the lowest cost during peace time.

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