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India Towards Strong Air Weapons

The pace of induction of new arms and weapons in the Armed Force seems is accelerating day by day. Every passing day comes with a news of trail of indigenous weapon or plans of purchasing new weapons from the foreign sources. The modernisation and weapons enhancement is actually required to maintain the balance of power comparing it with the neighbouring nations.

The recent successful flight test of Smart Anti Airfield Weapon has raised the power of IAF. It also increased the confidence of the Armed Forces over the top arms-producing agency, DRDO. R. Christopher, secretary of DRDO congratulated IAF and DRDO for the successful test flight of the weapon. Some key points about SAAW are as follows:-

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  1. SAAW is test fired from Jaguar aircraft at the test range, Chandipur, Odisha.
  2. It is indigenously manufactured by DRDO, having 120 kg weight and range of 100 kms.
  3. The Smart Weapon system can be launched from other combat aircrafts also like Sukhoi, Rafale etc.
  4. It is capable of destroying runways and bunkers and has high precision power.

In another crucial incident, the failure of the test flight of Nirbhaya cruise missile has taken the future of the Nirbhaya project in danger. As per the sources, the government is considering over the closure of the project after most of its trails went failed. The missile was aimed to be manufactured for empowering the Indian Army. But certain reasons have taken the project under scan.

On the other side, India is seen inclined toward the Kalibr missile of Russia, which is supported by high precision equipment and can destroy ground targets. The missile has a range of 2500 kms and the navy compatible version has also seen as a good option. The induction of India in the MTCR (Missile Technology Control Regime) has led to India’s interest in the missile.

Kalibr missile of Russia
India Seeks “Kalibr” Cruise Missiles From Russia

Non-membership of MTCR was the reason behind the limited range of Brahmos cruise missile (290 kms), which is jointly produced by India and Russia. As India has got the membership of MTCR and Russia is already a member of it, both the nations are involved in producing an enhanced version of Brahmos missile with supersonic features, which can attain a speed of Mach 5.

Apart from this, the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) has taken a step ahead toward the purchasing of another C-17 transport aircraft from U.S. India already has 10 such aircrafts in its force. DAC has also reached a deal for acquiring 6 Maritime Reconnaissance Aircrafts for Coast Guard of India along with some other weapons and equipments for the IAF and Army.


The test flight of such weapons is an achievement for the arms manufacturers of India. Many developed nations are still devoid of such technologies, which can target steel reinforced structures. Agni V, Kalibr, and many others have become new targets for safer airspace.

They will bring the national security and deterrence to a new level. An upcoming project of Brahmos is a new ambitious project for India. Officials are eyeing the missile as it will be a next generation weapon for the nation.

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