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Indian Air ForceArmy, Navy or the Air Force?

Army, Navy or the Air Force?

Greetings to all the gallant aspirants, we all just love our defence forces, be it the arduous army, the noble navy or the awesome air force. However, when it comes to choosing a force amongst these three, it becomes a cumbersome task. Today we will discuss about the nuances of the three forces which would help you to decide which one is the most suitable for you.


Though the basic military training received by the officers is the same in all the three forces, they differ in their operations.
The army is predominantly responsible to carry out land based military operations. An army officer must be very agile and show grit and determination in testing times. He should be ready to serve the nation in any type of climate (hot, dry, and humid).
The navy has the onus of safeguarding our oceans. India is blessed to have a feted coastline of 7517 km. An officer in the Indian navy should have the temerity to sail continuously for a long period of time. He must possess adequate perspicacity to deal with marine life.
The air force is the guardian of our skies. Flying a fighter jet is a long cherished dream of many of us. Becoming an air force officer is not a cup of tea; one must be audacious and courageous to fly the planes at any height at any climate.

It also must be noted that all the three forces have engineers and pilots serving for them but their work is quite different from the other. 


In the army you will get the privilege of getting posted at the entire country including very remote locations like the Kashmiri valley and the north eastern states. In the navy you will discharge your duties in the coastal states like Orissa, Goa, Kerala etc. In the air force you will be placed in very strategic locations across the country like adampur (Punjab), Jamnagar (Gujarat). In addition to that in the army you have the privilege to operate tanks, artillery, and certain delicate machinery. In the navy you get to enjoy the opportunity to explore the marine life. You can become a diver, an observer or a marine commando (MARCOS). Life in the air force is full of adventure, not only do you get to soar on the skies; you also undergo special para training. Most importantly, the aviators on the blue uniform just rock.

Indian Air Force Pilots
Indian Air Force Pilots
Indian Army Young Officers
Indian Army Young Officers

Indian navy woman officer
Indian Navy Woman Officer


All three forces are the same in the eye of our nation. All of them work 24*7 to protect us from any kind of threat. Though the selection procedure (SSB) is more or less the same for all of them, it depends on the individual to choose the field of his interest. Before making a choice you must keep in mind your likes, dislikes, physical and mental strength. It also must be noted that the medical parameters of all the forces are different from each other. Hence, consider all the above mentioned parameters and make a wise choice.

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