How to Gain Weight Before SSB Interview Medical Examination

“Patla papad” “lakdi” ” X Ray” and what not. You have heard these disgusting words many times, but you don’t know what to do. You really stuff yourself up to the brim, but remain the same. You have become habitual of the offensive and scornful remarks by the people of your entourage. Well, its time to get over the period of haplessness. For most of us, losing weight is an uphill task. However, gaining weight is much difficult than losing the same. It takes a disciplined and concentrated effort to achieve the desired weight.
Having a well controlled and fit body is very important for the point of view of the SSB interview. The medical guidelines for the selection in the forces are sacrosanct. Therefore, one must be within the range of the height-weight chart in order to be deemed fit for services. We will discuss certain diet and exercise tips which would enable you to gain weight in a healthy and safe manner.

DIET for Underweight
Being underweight is in no way a license to gorge on unhealthy fast foods like pizzas, burgers, puffs, pastries, noodles etc. Although you require more calories, these calories should be from a healthy source.
  1. Eat at least SIX times a day. Yes I am right, eating heavily 3 times won’t just do.
  2. Include milk shakes, peanut butter, bananas, mangoes, dry fruits in your diet.
  3. Snack on healthy items such as energy bars, fruit juices, vegetable sandwiches, pastas, etc.
  4. Cheese and paneer is a good source of nutrition for the vegetarians. While red meat, fish and eggs are an excellent and fecund source of calories for the carnivorous people.
  5. You should be eating something every 2 to 2.5 hours.
  6. Don’t take any supplement without consulting a renowned physician.
    ssb medical underweight treatment
EXERCISE for Underweight
Diet alone will never lead to propitious outcomes. Your success is hinged upon the correct combination of diet and exercise.
  1. Professional gym is the best place to be in order to gain weight. Strength training exercises are very important to give you muscle and volumes to your overall weight
  2. If you can’t go to a gym, perform strength training exercises like surya namaskar, pushups, situps at home.
  3. Contrary to the existing belief, cardio is also a must to keep the balance of the body intact. 30 mins of slow walking or cycling (slow cardio) 3-4 times a week is recommended.
  4. Focus on full body exercises than individual muscle groups.
  5. It is advised not to club cardio and muscle training together. If you are doing muscle training in the evening, do some cardio in the morning and vice versa.
Just keep calm. Gaining weight is not that difficult as it seems to be. It is just a matter of few days and you will be able to see genuine results. Multitudes have been benefited by this regime and now it is your turn. If you have any persisting doubts just drop a mail at
Stay tuned to ssbcrack for more such information. Stay happy, stay blessed.
                                     JAI HIND

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